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MySocial Early Beta Launch Log.

On July 1st, I got to point the domain mysoci.al to the production site and did an early beta launch to my Facebook profile. Screenshot: Sharing about mysocial in Bangla in that post. My Facebook post garnered a hopping 500+ visitors to the site in the early hours and in the next full day it […]

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How I made The Periodic Table with CSS Grid and React

I was looking into the periodic table and trying to memorize all the elements in order. One afternoon I thought, hey can I make the periodic table with my current CSS skills? The periodic table is a collection of elements arranged in an oddly structured way. It has already been built in the past, but […]

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Loading Skeleton in React

React Suspense lets you show a loading indicator while your component data is being loaded (from a server) Here, I am rendering a blog page with Nextjs and fetching the blog post data from a WordPress REST API. I created a loading skeleton using some <div>’s and the TailwindCSS ‘animate-pulse’ class. Now with Nextjs, you […]

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