Top Blog Directories to List Your Blog for Free Traffic

by Tamal Anwar on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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top blog directories to submit your blogPeople need to know that you have a blog and they should be able to find you. In the early days of blogging where your blog is like a desert, no one is really visiting your site, you need to submit your site to top directories.

Now I went high and low on this matter, I spent time on over hundreds of different blog directories. Finally I have come up with just a handful of sites that you really should have your blogs listed in them.

So please do your best in having your blogs listed in these following reputable blog directories, this will help you get the word out quickly.


alltop directory for blogsAlltop: This is a list of online blogs in category. It has sections and under the sections you can find blog articles. To submit your blog, first sign up for a free account. Then you can submit your site using this form,

suggest your blog to alltop

Upon submission, your blog will be listed on that category and 5 of the latest blog articles will be displayed. Sometimes if you get lucky, one of your blog articles will be featured in your category. This will result in additional flow of visitors.


submit your blog for expossure in bloggersBloggers: Is a directory for bloggers. Basically you have to sign up as a blogger and then submit your blog. You have to add their badge in your site to verify your blog. Bloggers has a community of bloggers and it’s a fine way to reach other people who blog and read in the same topic as you do.

Bloggers has a voting system that will help you go up in your category. Just signing up for a bloggers account and submitting my blog has sent me some good amount of traffic over time.

Networked Blogs

submit your blog to networked blogsNetworked Blogs: This is a very good and old network of blogs. It has a facebook app to read blogs you are following. You can sign up, add your blog and then get votes from your peers. An individual can follow your blog and then they can receive your updates in their dashboard.

I like the feature where you can have facebook publishing and facebook tab to use on your facebook page. This helps to reach some more people over the facebook platform.


blogcatalog is a community for bloggersBlogCatalog: Is the all in one community for blogs. It has groups, it has forum and it has an active bloggers community. You can sign up and learn a lot about blogging from the members. You can use this community to get new visitors and link partners.

To register your blog you have to add a Meta tag or a badge to verify your blog. After that your blog will be listed on the directory upon approval.


blog directory technoratiTechnorati: The biggest blog directory on the internet. They simply hold up all the blogs that are submitted and rank them in technorati rank. After submitting your blog it will use the tags (called technorati tags) to categorize your blog. Mainly the blogs goes listed in multiple tags. Most people and advertisers go to technorati to find relevant blogs that are looking for.

Here is an article on Technorati and how to add your blog

So that’s a wrap!

Please bookmark this article and come back later as I happen to update this post in the future with more blog directories. Do you recommend any other blog directories I should be including here? Please share them on the comments section.

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I have come to your blog with a keyword from Google. After reading that post, I seem this is very interesting blog to me. That’s why I have tried to find out some post which are really interesting and helpful to me. I have already read 3 posts from your blog. Now this is the number four.

I have a question against number four. I have seen many post in others blog. I only want to know that “is there any bad effect on SERP for this type of Backlinks ?”


Tamal Anwar

My short answer is, every link counts when it comes to SEO. But these links send visitors which is the bigger takeaway here.


HI tamal how r u? Thanks for the info. Your blog is amazing.


Tamal Anwar


Latif Ramadan

I love networkedblog but that’s program not compatible with amazon affiliate program, amazon was banned blog using networkedblog.


Tamal Anwar

Didn’t know that


I always follow You to search new article.


Tamal Anwar

Thank you very much

tutul khan

you are really great. i call you my boss…. thanks bro……


Tamal Anwar

You are welcome Tutul

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