8 Tips to Maximize the Attendance of Your Webinars

You have the guests. You have the technology. You even have a hashtag all set. Yet, for some reason, you still have not been able to increase the attendance rate of your past and future webinars, otherwise known as webcasts.

The paucity of attendees to your webinars, whether they’re live or pre-recorded, is something that troubles a lot of brands that utilize online seminars. When you have just a couple of people watching your webinar, you feel disheartened and discouraged. You ultimately believe it was a wasted investment and a waste of time because not too many people were a part of your webinar.


It really is compelling to look at the numbers and see just how consistent webinar attendance rates are across various industries. The average webinar attendance rate is between 40 and 50 percent of registrants – that number shoots up to 60 percent depending on the source.

Webinars are superb business development strategies to employ. A webinar platform can help you conduct a killer webinar that will develop your brand, you become an authority on the topic and you garner the trust of your customers and prospects. Moreover, webinars become an easier way to get in front of a large audience (there are nearly three billion people using the Internet today!).

But what good does it do to host a webinar if no one is actually watching it? [Click to continue…]

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Day 7 of 7 Day English Blogging Challenge – Building a Community Outside of Your Blog

working groupsSo this is the last post of the 7 day English blogging challenge. And the news is I failed to write 7 posts in 7 days. As a result if you check the dates, I missed my schedule. It’s not an easy job to blog everyday for sure.

But the good news is, blogging can be done even outside of your blog. You can build your community outside of your blog site. Here let me share a few tips on how you can do that: [Click to continue…]

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Day 6 of 7 Day English Blogging Challenge – Subscription Options for Your Blog

apple-1281744_640When you start writing a blog you will gain readers every day. In today’s busy world, it’s hard for someone to stay up to date with a blog. You have to take measures so that your readers will be able to receive your new blog updates.

Some of these measures are manual and some are automated. Here in this article, I will share the various subscription options for your blog. [Click to continue…]

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Day 5 of 7 day english blogging challenge – Happy Bangla New Year 1423 -And Should You Blog About Trending Topics?

Photo credit BDnews24
Photo credit BDnews24

Hey all, Shuvo Noboborsh 1423 (Happy Bangla New Year.) I hope you are having a fun time. Today is day 5 of the 7 day challenge and I am blogging this.

Now when you are blogging, should you cover about recent trends and hot news topics?

When I first started blogging, I was informed that you should write timeless blog posts. Timeless means a topic which can be read throughout years. I found that when you are in a tech related niche, this rule does not applies. Things change so fast, that a post written just 1 year ago doesn’t applies today. [Click to continue…]

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Day 4 of 7 Day English Blogging Challenge – Monetization Options for Your Blog

money for bloggingWow it’s the middle of this 7 day blogging challenge and I am posting continuously. That’s a new personal record in a long time.

Honestly I didn’t thought I would be able to keep this challenge going myself. Good thing is there are 4 other known people in my circle who are active in this challenge, Yea!

Okay let’s start today’s topic, monetization options for your blog. Or in simple terms, how to make money with your blog in 2016? [Click to continue…]

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Day 3 of 7 Day English Blogging Challenge – The Sidebar of Your Blog

Image credit Sidebar best practices
Image credit Sidebar best practices

Almost every blog theme has two columns. One large column on the left for the blog posts, the other smaller one on the right as the sidebar.

The sidebar of your blog plays an important role. Today I will share a few tips for your to make better use of your blog sidebar.

Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Two Sidebars or No Sidebar?

When picking up a theme for your blog, you will find various options for sidebars. My tip here is to keep it simple and have just one sidebar on the right hand side. I see many websites have the sidebar on the right while the main content on the left.

Google has their main search results on the left; YouTube videos stay on the left; the only exception is Facebook where the content in the wall stays on the right. But it’s still worth experimenting the placement of your sidebar. Have at least one sidebar on your blog. Let me share why you need one: [Click to continue…]


Day 2 of 7 Day English Blogging Challenge – Picking a Template/Theme for your Blog

blog templateI know, starting a new blog is an exciting thing. You want to pick the best looking theme for your blog, want to start off with the right setting.

But trust me, it’s not the theme you should be worrying about, it’s something else.

It’s the blog posts you should focus on in the beginning and your audience.

But since this post is about picking a template, I will share a few points with you, so you can pretty up your blog.

Let’s begin. [Click to continue…]

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Day 1 of 7 Day English Blogging Challenge – Instructions for Your Blog

blogging 1Good afternoon from Bangladesh. I’m writing the first post of this 7 day English blogging challenge. As I have always wrote about blog writing, this will be no different. Let me walk you through blogging!

The Setup

It’s super easy to start a blog. Go to either blogger or wordpress.com and sign up. It takes less than 5 minutes to get your blog ready. If you are experienced, then start with a self hosted wordpress blog.

Pick a topic you are comfortable with, you have passion, you can write about it for the next couple of years. [Click to continue…]

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Why Web Marketers, Job Seekers & Entrepreneurs Must Blog, For Good!

keep scrolling
Endless scrolling in social media?

Hey it’s Tamal again. Last night I had an idea to start a 7 day English blogging challenge. Well at first I started this challenge for Bangladeshi people but I guess everyone from around the world should participate in this too, for good.

So if you are connected with me and my blog, no matter where you are you should participate in this challenge.

Allow me to explain. [Click to continue…]

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7 Day English Blogging Challenge –Publish A Blog Post Everyday for 7 Days

Hi all, Tamal here. In 2008 I started this blog to educate and inspire my friends in Bangladesh about blogging. I succeeded.

As time went, other things got popular in BD such as freelancing, affiliate marketing, startups etc. Therefore the English blogging community lost it’s pace.

Now yet again I’m starting another movement to build a thriving English blogging community. Let’s blog for the next 7 days. [Click to continue…]