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StumbleUpon launches version 4 -Even great ways to find and promote content

StumbleUpon launches version 4 -Even great ways to find and promote content

StumbleUpon is the biggest social media traffic generator for BlogKori. I love SU and have been using this site for more than a year. If you don’t know what is SU and how to get started, then read this post: Get more traffic with StumbleUpon.

As you all know, traffic is the blood of any website and with better traffic, you can make money online effectively. Recently SU launched the version 4 of their site and it looks impressive.

The new system allows people to see how many views the content have got from SU and this the coolest feature of the system. Here’s one of my latest blog article that got stumbled up: How to earn money with a blog -a get started guide for newbie bloggers


The new system doesn’t allows you to one click group share to all of your friends, and you have to select each receiver one by one, just like the digg platform. You can also disable toolbar shares from specific users and that’s one requested feature from SU.

StumbleUpon launches version 4 ~group share

So go ahead, join SU V4 and start stumbling. Please do add me on stumble upon and subscribe to my faves too:

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