My Dot Com Trip to Habiganj, Sylhet -2010 [Photos]

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Nearly half of January has been passed, sorry my friends I haven’t been able to write my first post of 2011 as I was looking back at my achievements and planning for 2011. Yes 2010 has been a great year for me in terms of achievement, earnings and milestones. So lets just start of this post by telling you about my Dot Com Trip at Habiganj (Sylhet.) You do know why I call it “DOT COM TRIP” don’t you? Because it’s sponsored by my online earnings :)

Tamal Anwar sitting next to the water falls

Me and my family went for a tour on 12th December 2010 and we spent 17 days, that’s like more than 2 weeks. I brought my laptop with me and worked during my vacation.

I set up my workspace on the next day of arrival. See the type machine, it’s almost like 30 years old, good for email LOL

This is HRIMITA, my cousin sister

Next evening we went to a local wedding, I’m standing next to this loud sound box. See my face, you’ll get the feel


That's HAC in red shirt


16th December Victory Day march past


I'm playing badminton

This is the popular local vehicle called "Tom Tom"

Tamal Anwar Chowdhury with brother SJ

Look who's the man! Tamal Anwar Chowdhury

This is your bro Tamal Anwar Chowdhury

This one has a trivia; the music academy was founded the same exact day of my birth: 29th March 1988. And that time Sylhet was under Chittagong division.



We went to Madhab-kundo




Tamal Anwar sitting next to the water falls

Your bro Tamal Anwar is enjoying the moment.

So that was my Dot Com trip for 2010.

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16 thoughts on “My Dot Com Trip to Habiganj, Sylhet -2010 [Photos]

    1. @Jean by this Sajib means all he wants now a laptop; without a laptop it’s very hard in BD to work online mostly because of the electricity problem.

    1. Yeah that is nice, one of my mentor once said to me that by travel your mind opens; in my opinion spending money on travel is one of the best investments.

  1. Hi Tamal, just found your blogsite looking for a map of Habiganj. I used to be manager of Noyapara Tea Estate way back in 1954 – 1972 when Habijanj was a Sub- Divison. Happy days. Roger

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