Most essential and recommended wordpress plugins of all time

by Tamal Anwar on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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WordPress is the cool blogging platform. Its a software to power a blog. The cool thing that made wordpress apart is the wide range of plugins. WP plugins are easy to install and use, just search, install and activate. As a WP user, I use a range of plugins that I recommend everyone to use. Here they are,

Most essential and recommended wordpress plugins of all time

Comment plugins

Top commentators

WordPress top commentators plugin is a nice tool to increase your blog comments count. By default it shows up the top 10 commentators of your blog with a linkback to their site. For this reward your readers would love to comment on your blog.

Subscribe to comments

After adding this plugin, I saw a lot of people have subscribed to a number of post comments. This will add the option for your readers to subscribe to your post comments via email. This is good to attract returning visitors and make them coming again to your blog.


This plugin will fetch the last post of your commentator’s blog. This option will allow your reader to promote their post and making him interested to comment on your blog.

WP threaded comments

WordPress has a built in option to thread comments like forum discussions but some templates are unable to use it. This plugin will make your comments threaded so it would be much easier to reply your comments. This plugin has a built in “Subscribe to comments” option.

NoFollow free

By default, comments are set as NoFollow. This plugin will remove the NoFollow tag, making your comments DoFollow. This is a cool way to spread link love to your contributors and to attract more comments.

Promotional plugins

Dandy ID is a service to keep all of your social profile ID’s in one place. By adding this plugin, you can show all of your social links on your sidebar. For this, you need to have a DandyID account.

Twitter plugin

There are a bunch of twitter plugins available. Some allows you to put the twitter badge, or follow me on twitter link. A must have plugin, which automatically tweets about your new post. Auto tweets about posts saves a lot of time and it’ll bring your friends to the new post.

Add to any Share/ Save button

This is a social bookmarking button which allows your readers to promote your post in different social bookmarking sites. This is an ideal plugin which can be visible from each of your post.

WP related posts

This plugin shows up related posts after each of your article. This is a cool tool to make your readers find another related post and making them stay longer!

SEO plugins

All in one SEO pack

This is the best wordpress SEO plugin. The default options will make your blog search engine friendly. You can rewrite meta data for home page and every singe pages. You can also set no index for specific pages.

Google XML sitemaps

This plugin will create automated search friendly sitemaps for your blog. The sitemap is compatible with google, yahoo, live and all other search engines. You can set other options to set crawl rate for search bots and it sends update to search engines every time you add new posts.

Optimization plugins

WordPress super cache

This is a cool plugin which will reduce excessive load from your server. Your site can handle a big amount of traffic with this plugin. Most of the time a shared server is unable to process the data and it shows, “Server too busy” message; using this plugin will optimize it.

Comment form 7

This plugin will allow you to generate professional looking contact form for your blog. Why show up your email? Add the form and let your visitor contact you directly from your blog via email.

WP limit posts

Another cool plugin, this will allow you to automatically set post excerpt length. With this plugin you don’t have to set excerpts for each of your posts, it can be set automatically. Your homepage, tag and archive pages will show short teasers of your post. All of my articles are too large so I set a small number of words + image to show up in the front page. Readers have to click on the “Read more” button to read the article.

Other plugins

Feedburner feedsmith -redirect to feedburner feed
Fix RSS -fix RSS feed errors
Feedfooter -add a custome footer on your feed
WP poll plugin -create and manage polls
Tweet this -Allows your readers to tweet the post
Sphere -Adds related posts from the web

What’s your personal WP plugins choice?

If you’re using wordpress, then what plugins you’re using for your blog? Please share your recommendations with us and tell us why you love it? Did I miss anything?

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  • Conrad Theart

    Gonna add some of these to my blog. Already added the related posts plugin.

    Conrad Theart’s latest blog post..The Truth About Linux

  • Josh Catone

    Thanks for including DandyID on this list! I want to add that though a DandyID account is required for the plugin to work, it’s a free service, and once you have a DandyID account you’ll be able to collect, manage, update, and share your social identities all from one location.

    We’d love to hear any feedback about the plugin or DandyID in general on our Get Satisfaction page:

    Josh Catone
    DandyID Community Manager

    • Tamal Anwar

      @Josh Catone, Thanks for the comment. I forgot to add the linkback to DandyID, now it’s added. Dandy is a cool tool and I’ll also write a post featuring it.

    • Josh Catone

      @Tamal Anwar, Sounds great! Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding DandyID and what we’re doing. I would also be happy to put you in touch with Neil Simon, the developer who created the WordPress plugin.

      My email is joshcatone [at] gmail [dot] com

      -Josh Catone

  • Joe Beaulaurier

    Thank you for recognizing the DandyID plugin. You may be interested to know a related plugin is now available from PeoplePond, a service includes DandyID.

    It’s at


    • Tamal Anwar

      @Joe Beaulaurier, Sure, I’m going to check this out too. If it’s an important plugin then I’ll sure add it on this list.

  • IngaOz

    I liked CommentLuv plugin really but since I changed my blog template I think that plugin is not working anymore :( But template is really nice and I don’t want change it back lol. So i need to find another solution :(

    IngaOz’s latest blog post..How To Use A Market Research Survey 2

    • Tamal Anwar

      @IngaOz, CommentLuv is a unique plugin. If it didn’t showed up in your template, then no other will show up ever. Try to add the plugin manually by editing your template and see if it works?

  • Tamal Anwar

    I didn’t added the links to those plugins because I believe you all like to add it directly from wordpress panel. Just search the wordpress plugin directory and you’ll find them.

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  • Eric

    I’ve been running into an issue where I get javascript errors, due to prototype and jquery libraries seem to be in conflict. Anyone recommend a solution for that?

    Eric’s latest blog post..A Stippled Shoe

  • Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography

    My new favorite plugin is Chat Catcher. It sends you a trackback comment when someone posts your blog article’s URL on Twitter or Friendfeed.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography’s latest blog post..Fountain Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona

    • Tamal Anwar

      @Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography, A similar plugin like that is tweetbacks. I removed it because it stuffs annoying twitter updates all over my comments. It’s a better option when the trackbacks are set as separate from comments.

  • Diana

    I love your blog entries Tamal, you provide so much value! thankyou!

    • Tamal Anwar

      @Diana, Thanks Diana. I love to read your interesting comments too :D

    • Aminul Islam Sajib

      @Tamal Anwar, What a wonderful technique! :P

      Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Wanna write on Foreign News Agency

    • Tamal Anwar

      @Aminul Islam Sajib, Ya, this is the WP threaded comments plugin :D comments are more discussions like!

    • Aminul Islam Sajib

      I love the following plugins although I can’t use them since doesn’t allow to activate additional plug-ins.

      Comment-Luv, Comment Form, Related Posts, Add bookmark/Share.

      By the way I didn’t understand what’s that “NoFollow or Dofollow” thing.

      Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Wanna write on Foreign News Agency

    • Aminul Islam Sajib

      Oh, another thing I just forgot to tell. I love the pictures you include in your posts. Especially the picture of this post is awesome. Wow! How did you make it?

      Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Wanna write on Foreign News Agency

    • Tamal Anwar

      @Aminul Islam Sajib, Google image search + photoshop

    • Aminul Islam Sajib

      @Tamal Anwar, hmm. Seems like you should be featured on the TV channels as a “multi-talented” person! You’re a lot like my elder brother who is also a webmaster, programmer and he does work with several desktop applications like Photoshop, Flash etc. But he is not that much interested in blogging. In this part, you are a step ahead from him :)

      Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Detect invisible Yahoo contacts

    • Tamal Anwar

      @Aminul Islam Sajib, NoFollow is a tag included in HTMl that tell search engines not to follow the link page. Without the NoFollow the link becomes DoFollow and it gives SEO value to that page.

  • Diana

    Tamal would you ,mind sending me this link in a dm There is too much too absorb at one sitting and I have had this page opened for most of the day.

    • Tamal Anwar

      @Diana, I just sent it to you as a DM in twitter

  • Kerry

    Can you provide more information on this?

    • Tamal Anwar

      @Kerry, Please be specific, what else you want to see? I’ll try my best to support you. Thanks

  • Diana


    i hope I am able to use some of these plugins to improve our site.

  • Eric

    @Kikolani I am going to try out that Chat Catcher :)

    Eric’s latest blog post..A Stippled Shoe

  • Girly

    I always read your great news.Anyway thanks.

  • Azmi Jahan

    You’re right about those plugins; unfortunately I moved my blog back to’s servers so they won’t allow 3rd party plugins without their consent.

    Azmi Jahan’s latest blog post..Virginity Rates by College Majors

    • Tamal Anwar

      @Azmi Jahan, Ohh that means they support few plugins? (only the WP ones) they also don’t accept ads but they get higher PR.

    • Internet resources

      amazing stuff thanx :)

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      Good list, I would add Tweet Suite as well.

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    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  • Aminul Islam Sajib

    Tamal bhaia, I’ve created a free web hosting account in which offered me 250MBs of space including wordpress blogging engine support. I’ve uploaded a new theme and my blog url is Now I want to add some plugins. This post doesn’t provide any link to download plug ins. Would you please let me know how can I download, install and activate plug ins?

    Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Adsense for Feeds

    • Tamal Anwar

      @Aminul Islam Sajib, Your new blog looks awesome! I’d suggest you to buy a domain name when you feel you’re ready with it!

      Now go to your WP dashboard and click “plugins” > Add new and search for the plugins. Click install and you have to give your FTP user name and password to install it automatically.

      Click “activate” after you install it. Set the plugin options on “Settings” that’s all, enjoy!

    • Aminul Islam Sajib

      @Tamal Anwar, I don’t find add new or search for plugins or something like that. I’ve downloaded a plugin from and through FTP I’ve uploaded that in wp-content/plugins but in my dashboard, that doesn’t appear.

      And my wordpress’ akismet API code is not receiving. I have an API code for akismet. New Dashboard is asking me for that. But when I try to give that API code, an error message says, “There was a problem connecting to the Akismet server. Please check your server configuration.”

      What’s wrong? I didn’t install wordpress so that anything may have gone wrong. WordPress was automatically installed by freehostia service.

      Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Adsense for Feeds

  • Swashata

    Great post! I have just installed wordpress to another subdomain of mine => to write about insider from ma blog! It is on a free host now but thought of exploring the power of WP! Seriously I have to say that after using WP for a while, we can easily forget about any other blogging platforms!! Great list of plugins! Btw I came across a plugin called One click updater/installer plugin! With the help of this we dont even need to download the other plugins! Just set the download url on the “Install New Plugin” page and rest will be done automatically!

    Swashata’s latest blog post..Optimize the Read More Hack on your Blogger blog using CSS –No Internal image loading & more customization option!

    • Tamal Anwar

      You can download plugins/ themes automatically using wordpress; just browse it from the plugin directory and click install. Some hosts will require your FTP details.

      Ohh, I thought you’re a WP user.

    • Swashata

      No no! I am still on blogger and I hope to switch to WP soon!

      Btw use One Click Installer once and you will forget using FTP!

      You can also put the direct download link on the install plugin/theme page instead of downloading and then uploading them again! This is quite time saving!

  • Web & IT security

    Sphere is now called ‘Surphace’. You could also use the WordPress plugin called LinkWithin, and Zemanta for producing related content like images, videos, etc. and Outbrain – this pulls up related posts from across the blogosphere.

    • Tamal Anwar

      That’s a good piece of information, thanks a lot!

  • Monir

    wow great plugin list….!!!
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    Great Post. I like how you recommend offering value to the blog owner by leaving an insightful comment. This is just like building relationships with other bloggers. The key is offering them value first and then they will offer to help you on their own, usually by linking or referencing your blog in their posts.

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    A very nice list of WP plugins

    I haven’t used commentluv and will give it a try to persuade people to comment on my blogs.

  • Levi Nash

    I say that CommentLuv is one of the greatest plugins that every blogger should have.

  • Stuart Lee

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