Twitter is one of the top 3 social media sites of the internet. If you still don’t know what twitter is and how to sign up for an account, you should take a look at this video and sign up.

Twitter is huge! About 175 Million tweets are sent everyday and about 11 accounts are being created every second (source), so if you want to sign up for one, do it now!

Watch this video and learn how to sign up for twitter

Video Transcript:

First go to and you need to create an account. To create an account you just have to type in your full name then you have to put your email address and then you have to select a password.

Now you have to click on sign up for twitter. On the next step you will see join twitter today -a message. Which will just show you all the details such as you can review your password your username your email and your fullname.

Let me to choose a username. I can see that my name is available so I am just using it.

So now you have to click on create new account. So the next you will see join twitter today which would give you option to change your full name, email address, the password and also the ability to choose your username.

So I can see that my name is available. I can use this as my username. Then you have to click on “Create my account”.

You also have to type in the CAPTCHA (security code) (951) and click on “create my account”

Now from the next window you’ll have to click on next.

Now Twitter wants you to follow people and this is the basic theme of twitter. It wants people to follow people and you’ll follow other people and other people would follow you.

So let me just follow a couple of people such as I love Ellen so let me click on it.
Oprah is fine.
Lady Gaga is also fine.
Britney Spears.
and let me just click on Lindsay Lohan.
Click on next.

So it will suggest me to follow five more people so they want me to follow about five more people so let me just go to the entertainment section. and..

Let me follow Paris Hilton
Entertainment Weekly
Doctor Drew
Funny or Die

Okay now you have to click on next.

It will ask for more so I’m just click on skip now.

So it is now requiring me to upload an image so let me just upload my profile image this will be my avatar and I can also write a small bio. Let me just write, blogger, web designer and a gamer. Click on done.

So I’m done now and the next step that I have to do is to confirm my email address. So that I can use the other features of twitter. So I have to confirm my twitter account.

I’m in my email inbox, I can see a message from twitter and it wants me to conform my account so I’m just clicking on it.

What I have to do this to click on this button and confirm my account. I will see a message that says your account has been confirmed, thanks.

Let me close them (other tabs) Okay so this is the twitter home feed and I can see all the tweets are shown from the people I follow. I follow ten people and there are the tweets that are currently in my feed. So these are the tweets. And I can click on one tweet and expand it. And I can see that there are the reaction and these people have reacted to the tweet.

I can see 55 ReTweets, 20 Favorites. A ReTweet is actually when you like a tweet and click to share it.

Then, The next thing is “Me” I am going to click on “Me” this in my profile I haven’t been tweeted yet so to tweet, you have to click on here. That says compose new tweet.

I’m just tweeting here… “Hi BlogKori Academy Students” -Tweet! So I have a tweet now, right now I am tweeting. Oh I have one follower already, let me just see who is following me. I have this follower maybe this is just a bot (spambot). Anyways so I can also see my tweets and following and followers.

I’m following these people. To view a profile, I can just click this link and there will be a profile summary. I will see a miniature version of that profile and I can see their details and, I am following, how many followers they have. Wow they have five million followers close to six million. And they are following just close to four thousand people and they have nine thousand tweets. These are a couple of tweets and I can mention them by clicking here by tweet to Funny or Die, and I can talk to them and if they reply I will have a mention too. I can also click on this link and see their full profile. So I’m on the Funny or Die twitter stream and I can see all the tweets they have tweeted and this is their personal twitter profile. And this is the background.

So going back to “Me” So you have learned how to sign up for twitter. I hope you have enjoyed this video. Thank you!