How to Host Your Ebook as an Online Download

by Tamal Anwar on Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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You have an ebook that you want to offer as a download. Now in this post I will write about how you can host your ebook online and offer it as a download. If you want to know how I have created my word document in a PDF ebook, then make sure to check that post out.

Okay so we want to host this ebook you created online. There are many options to host your ebook online. The end goal here is that we want to make this available on demand. The very basic way to host a PDF ebook is to host it on your own server.

Host on Your Own Server

You can do this if you are a wordpress self hosted blogger. Go to your Dashboard > Media > Add New and upload your ebook. Now for many reason you should or could not use this method. One reason is that in some hosts there is a limitation on how much the file size should be.

add new media on wordpress

Some limit with 2MB, some do 8MB and some do 64MBs of upload per file.  You can however FTP your file to your server manually. Here is a video you can see on how to use FTP software. This video is related to something else; but if you want to know how to use FTP, then make sure to watch this:

Either way you should not want to host your ebook on your own. Because the ebook will be visible on search and you may not want to offer that for free (if you are selling it or using it as an email hook)

On the other side if you are hosting your own ebook then it may eat up your bandwidth fast. Such as my ebook that I am offering it costs 5MB. So with just 20 downloads, I will be burning 100MBs from my shared server.

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Host Your Ebook Online Using Amazon Web Services (S3 Storage)

A good way to host your ebook online is to use Amazon Web Services. This is an extremely cheap service. Cheap is because they charge a every (like 1-2 dollars) per 5 Tera bytes. And the first 5 TB is free so you are not going to pay anything until you use it off.

Go and sign up for an account in amazon web services. Go to your S3 panel and create a bucket (a bigger folder) from there you click on the upload button and upload your ebook.

amazon s3 console overview

Once the upload is finish you have to make this file public. Right click on the file and click “Make it public

amazon s3 console make public

Once you are done, you have to take the url. Right click again and click on “Properties

This is the URL you need, this is the public URL.

amazon s3 console take url

Copy this address to a notepad file, when people will sign up for your newsletter or whatever, you will supply this link to make them download your ebook.

Host Your Ebook Online On Media Fire

MediaFire is yet another online FREE service that will make it easy for you to upload. It’s a no brainer. Just go and sign up for an account, upload your file. Then in the files overview click on settings over the file and click “Copy Link” –this is the link you need.

mediafire download link

One great think about MediaFire is that it counts how many times the file has been downloaded.

Now that I have covered the topic on how to host your ebook as an online download in this article, you can read this article on how you can offer your ebook as a part of an auto responder. Thanks and leave a comment to let me know how this article was.

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Mohammed Alamin

Defiantly going to try out Amazon looks amazing


Globay HR Consultants

Amazon has always been one of a favorite place for many people to find e-books, making money from amazon is a nice way to earn money. Thanks for this fruitful idea. It gave me a new insight.



the media fire trick does n’t work….

Milli Reyes

Hi Tamal,

I’ve been researching online how to offer my free ebook to new subscribers and your site is the only one that teaches it comprehensively and easily!

I just have a question, could I use Sugarsync instead of Mediafire for online service as you suggested above?

Thanks again and more power!


Tamal Anwar

Yes you can, you are just offering the download link and you can host the ebook anywhere you wish.

Nathan Boone

Hey Tamal,

Thanks for all of the info.

I am getting ready to release my first for sale e-book on Clickbank. Would S3 be the most secure and reliable hosting service?


Tamal Anwar

S3 is reliable considering the speed and efficiency. One extra tip: On the download page provide at least 2 download links, one is S3 and other is an alternative source.

Henk van der Wijk

Easy to understand, straight forward, very useful info. Thank you so much Tamal!


Nathan Boone



Tamal Anwar

It does work if you successfully upload a file and make it public.


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