Make a Free iPhone and Android App for Your Blog Using Bloapp

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bloapp logoSmartphone users are growing in number every day. Now more people have mobile phone and internet than personal computers. You can have your own iPhone and Android app for your blog absolutely free of charge using this amazing service called BloApp.

BloApp has a large number of blank app handles and when you create your free app, it will be then submitted into the app store. Let me inform you that currently a custom made iphone or android app costs roughly $5,000 but with this service you can have it for free.

And what are the benefits of having an app? You can easily reach more people with an app and let people stay on your site for longer.

To get started with BloApp first you need to go and sign up for a free account. Then next step is to submit your website and verify its ownership. And then you have to create your app and make it live.

Once your app is live you can then show a QR code widget on your site which people can scan and download your mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.

BloApp comes with couple of premade templates that you can use and also customize the headers and colors to make it branded.

iphone app design for your blog

When you are ready to take your blog to the next level, go and visit them and make a free app.

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8 thoughts on “Make a Free iPhone and Android App for Your Blog Using Bloapp

  1. Wow.
    Great article, thank you so much for writing it! I’ve been looking to create an app for some time. However, being a bit reluctant to learn a whole new set of coding / employ someone to create the app for me, I put it off. I’ll definitely look into creating an app for my websites using this software. Sounds like a fantastic solution. Thank you for the recommendation!

    ~ Claire

    1. You are welcome, you can easily make a free app and reach more people on the mobile market. More than 25% of users are now using internet from mobile phones.

  2. This is one great article for bloggers and webmasters. I would give this a try, specially I have a newly created blog which doesn’t have any apps on it.

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