10 Tips to Engage Your Blog Readers

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Blogging is not just about write, publish, promote and forget. Blogging is all about creating a community and to make your blog a place where people like to come back again and again. To build a better blog you need to make it an exciting place to be.

You may have read a lot of posts about how to get traffic and now you know quite well how to bring some visitors to your blog. In the end of the day, if all of your visitors go away then what is the point? Don’t just check how many people visit your blog focus on how many people are staying on your blog for a long time.

If generating traffic is the first step, engaging your readers would be the second step. This will help you to build up a solid blog.

Now here are 10 tips that will guide you to engage your readers on your blog for longer,

1. Write Awesome Articles

Of course the content is the king. No one will last in your blog for longer if there are no such articles to interest the reader. One of the greatest articles that attract readers is the articles which inspire someone to do something. If you write an article which guides someone to do something, then your readers will be interested and will do that. Lots of articles about ‘How to’ are one of the top favorite choice of many internet users.

You can also engage a reader by motivating them to do something great with inspiring articles. Your readers will be highly attracted to your blog when you will present lots of articles from your own experiences.

2. Your Blog Design Matters

If content is king, design should be the queen. A well designed blog or website acts like a glue to attract people to your blog. Have a simple and professional design ready for your blog. You can find a beautiful blog design from Theme Forest. You can also hire a designer to create a unique design for your blog. A well designed blog will engage your blog readers on your site for longer.

3. Killer Headlines

The word ‘KILLER’ -itself is also a killer word to attract anyone. I learned this trick that, if you write a great headline, you will get the more chance of getting noticed by your readers. Killer headlines works also with social Media sites to get more buzz. Write a great headline for your article which will get more eyeballs into reading it.

It’s better to write a long article title (10-12 words) and to add some of the keywords on the title. I like to detail my headline for each blog articles. This will help me describe the article before they start to read.

4. Showcase the Best You Got

It’s easy to bring someone to your blog but don’t let them get away. Showcase your best articles on your blog so that the visitor can also check other articles too. A cool way to do this is to put your popular articles on your sidebar –just like you see on my blog. Add some ‘categories’ which will help your reader to browse your blog. With all of the great articles you previously wrote, your reader will stay on your blog and come back again.

5. Offer More Ways to Stay in Touch

Offer RSS feed of your blog and place the RSS feed icon on the top of your blog. Add an option to get updates via email. You can also use other options of feed for your readers. I have offered facebook and twitter updates along with regular RSS feeds. Giving more options will help your readers to get connected. Transforming your visitor into your daily RSS reader is better for the long run.

6. Show off Your Readers

Show off your readers on your blog which will give you more creditability. You can use a facebook page widget to show off your fans. This will make your visitors feel that they are not alone in this site and other people read it too. Show off your RSS feed counter that lots of people like to read your blog and you should subscribe too. Some blog platform allows you to add a followers widget. Add it to your blog if you have a good number of followers (more than 100).

7. Make it Easy for Your Reader to Connect With You

You have to reveal yourself if you want to develop a successful blog. Reveal yourself and make it easy to contact with you. Show off your social profiles on your blog which will help your readers to connect with you. If you communicate with your readers and they like you, they will come back to your site regularly and you can make a long term readership. Show off your social buttons which will attract more people to connect with you just like you see on BlogKori.

8. Allow Comments on Your Blog

Make it easy to leave a comment and ask your readers to leave a reply. If someone leaves a comment, thank them for the comment and start a discussion. Comments can boost up when you will reply to your readers. People will come back again and again to read the follow up comments. You can also add a chat widget on your blog to engage your readers with your blog. You can also show off a recent comments widget to attract more comments on your blog. You can also add a recent comments widget in the sidebar.

9. Give Them a Reason to Comment

Don’t complete your article with everything you know. Use a good ending line which will engage your readers. Ask questions and ask them to leave a reply. Ask them to describe their own opinion in the comments and to complete the article. You can also use it as a reminder to them to promote it. You can learn it by taking a look at my article ending lines.

10. Capture Them

When you will provide a great quality article, you readers will be interested in your blog and will keep coming for new ones. Don’t make your readers leave like this. Add an email capture form at the end of an article to capture them. Send them blog posts in email. This can be done with the help of feedburner email subscriptions.

How do you engage your readers?

There may be lots of ways to attract people and to keep him for longer in your blog. What do you do for engaging readers? Please tell me a little about your blog. Please leave a reply.

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28 thoughts on “10 Tips to Engage Your Blog Readers

  1. “Show off your readers on your blog… make your visitors feel that he is not alone in this site and other people read it too.” I never thought from this point, yes you are right it will give a feeling that this blog worth reading.

    1. Yeah, this gives a feel that it’s an open place and anyone can join in! A new blog is always a creepy place for new people.. :)

  2. I just reinstalled the Top Commentators plugin on my blog due to this post. Will see if it encourages more commenting.

    Geoserv’s latest blog post..New upcoming Pligg template

  3. I got to say something. I agree with all of the advices you wrote into this post. Especially writing great articles and giving them a “Killer” headline are really great way to make people curious to read what’s inside.
    Can you give me some suggestions “what’s to blog about?” I mean, this blog is a blog full of essential blogging tips. There are lots of blogs out there about Technology, Cars, Flowers, Pets, Travels etc. But do you think anyone can earn from Personal Blogs? What will be your suggestions to the bloggers who write personal blogs instead of any specific content? Do notice the hits (pothito) on each posts (excluding latest posts). I get good enough readers on my posts but when I write the same content in English, I get none.

    1. @Aminul Islam Sajib, The big problem with you is marketing. You know how to blog but don’t know how to promote your blog. Platform blogs have traffic and this is why you get lots of comments and expossure but for your own blog, the traffic is low and this why you’re not getting commnets.

      The future is on your own blog, not in platform blog -you better learn how to make publicity for your blog.

      Niche selection is important in blogging. When I was new in blogging, I started to blog about MLM and motivations. Try to think about a topic you like and know and start your blog.

    1. @Tony Lee, Now this why I love to post comments! Thanks to be here, and I’m sure you’d love to come back here for more :D

  4. I have regular features during the week, such as a weekly Monday Morning Question. It builds community — readers come back for the activity on that particular day — expecting to see a particular feature. They even get others involved in coming to your blog. They like to know there are regular things they can count on, and after awhile become regular parts of the activities — they take ownership in a way — it becomes theirs — as they do contribute so much.

    krissy knox :)
    follow me on twitter:

    1. Weekly features such as round ups and link love always works but they are hard to arrange! It gives you an extra pressure to create that regular piece of content.

  5. Hi Tamal,

    Your tips are enough to attract and engage more readers to blog forever. I agree with you by writing original content and killer titles, folks are attracted to read the blog and leave a comment. I always ask for feedback and suggestions for blog posts and I get those from my blog readers.

    1. Most people will read your blog in their feeds and there are always 100’s of posts to look at. The killer title is the first thing to consider as a valuable content and then leading a successful convertion.

  6. I think quality content is important. I always struggle getting started. I think the introduction is the hardest part. You want to have a hook that will interest people.. but at the same time you still want to leave all the really juicy stuff for the body. Of course.. the title is absolutely do or die. People are going to open it based on the title. Of course, the ending is also a vital part of the article. Ending paragraphs are almost as tough as the start… but at that point you kind of already have the momentum going. Actually as a runner, I compare writing to running a race. The start always sucks. Everyone is on the line and you have to worry about getting boxed in… etc so I compare it to writers block and the frustration and worry. In the middle you tend to hit your stride. Towards the end you just want to finish. Its difficult but you are pretty motivated and you go for that sprint finish.


    1. Hey Randy, if we see the thing this way,

      We need a good title to capture the attention; then need a good opening line + good content and then good ending lines to let them comment and bookmark.

      In short we need to create good content. But good content always isn’t enough! You have to make it appealing so that people will take time to read it.. just like I do with my posts.

  7. Hey thanks for the track back!

    You can also Engage your readers and blogging friends @ Blog Engage! It’s a small community I developed for bloggers.

    I will submit this to a few other social networks… this is how I socially Engage!

  8. Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.

  9. Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better.

  10. Great post it inspired me to write one on this topic. I would love to use some of the points you made in my post if you don’t mind. For me what I’ve noticed with some of my blogs is that not only should the headline be catchy but the opening line should be able to draw them in further. Thanks for sharing once again.

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