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How to Offer an Ebook Download Using Feedburner

As you have learned in my last few posts how to create a PDF ebook from a word doc and then where to host your ebook for instant download. Now in this post I would like to share how you can offer your ebook through feedburner.

feedburnerFeedburner is a free blog RSS service and it is a must when it comes to setting up your blog. Feedburner has a free email delivery service and people can sign up for your blog posts through email. We can use this as a method to deliver your ebook and for your ebook you can get more blog subscribers.

So here is what you have to do. Go to feedburner and sign in to your feeds. If you don’t have feedburner, then use this guide on feedburner to set it up. Now go to your blog feed.

You will see a publicize tab on top:

offer ebook in feedburner publicize tab

Then choose email subscriptions from the left (you may need to activate this service):

offer ebook in feedburner email subscriptions area

Now this is the email people will receive when someone subscribes to your mailing list. Just put your download link on the body somewhere and you are ready to go.

offer ebook in feedburner email confirmation message

offer ebook in feedburner download link

In your email subscription form you may write something like subscribe and receive your free ebook to encourage your readers to subscribe.

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The only downside of this tactic is that people will get the download link before subscribing. Feedburner has no auto responder service but still it’s good for a free service. In the next few posts I will write about making an email submit form you can put on the sidebar using feedburner. Till then stay tuned and keep commenting and sharing!

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