Hi my name is Tamal and I am the man behind this blog. This is most probably your first time visiting this blog. So I am going to quickly outline about myself, my blog and how reading it can help you with your business.

I write articles about business, marketing and entrepreneurship with a mix of blogging, social media & mobile marketing. I have combined two things, business and technology together for maximum results.

I started this blog back in 2008 and in the beginning this blog was all about blogging and how to make money online. As years passed and I learned new things, I started covering more topics.

By reading this blog, you will learn new tips about using the web 2.0 technology for your business and attract customers.

Special Thanks to

Mushfiqur Rahman -Who bought blogkori.com for me when I started
Azmi Jahan -For sharing a wealth of premium themes with me
Courtney Engle -For being a friend since digg.com
Barbara Silva -For helping me in the tough times
Jon Clayton -Special thanks
Catherine Daar -For helping me with advice
Sadi Aditta -For letting me use his PayPal account
Alex Mangini -For the free opt in forms + the thesis responsive skin
Rafiqul Islam -Honourable mention

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