97% Bloggers Are Making One of These 10 Mistakes in Blogging

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blogging mistakesWhy are you failing to attract readers to your blog? Why are you not making any money from your blog? Why 97% of bloggers quit after one year of blogging?

This is because most bloggers are making these mistakes without even knowing they are hurting themselves. I will outline these crucial faults and help you overcome in blogging.

1. Not Writing Any Quality Articles

Internet is built with information. People search the net to find answers. If your blog is not filled with quality informative articles, then you don’t deserve to get blog visitors.

How to fix this? Write about a tutorial. Share information, how you solved a problem, an experience, tips, recipe, advice etc.

2. Not Blogging with Your Own Domain Name

Lots of lots of blogs are out there with a free domain name AKA blogspot.com/wordpress.com –you know these make you look unprofessional. If you are serious with your blog and want to build a business, then you should get your own domain name.

How to fix this? Get a domain name for your blog, it costs less than 10 dollars a year. Read: How to get a good domain name for your blog.

3. Copy Pasting Articles from Elsewhere

This issue is serious. When you blog, people expect to read and hear from you. If you are just shamelessly taking articles from other blogs, then you will never make it to the top.

How to fix this? Open up a word document and get writing. Maybe you are not good at writing but you have to start somewhere. Write quality and original articles. Set 200 words target for a start.

4. Not Mentioning Your Sources

It’s good to take some content from other websites and this is how the internet is built. If you put some text from Wikipedia on your blog, make sure you have given credit to your source. Similarly if you are taking some content from another blogger or a website, always mention your source. This goes a long way. Your readers will know that you are writing your own content and the borrowed content is always credited.

How to fix this? Link to the original source of your article from the blog post.

5. Not Updating Your Blog Regularly

There are millions of blogs online, why do you think people will come to your blog again and again? Give them a reason to come back often. Update with fresh new articles at least once a week. There is no set rule on how many times you should update your blog, but you have to commit to your audience that you are going to write more.

How to fix this? Update your blog with new articles at least 1-2 times a week.

6. Not Adding Pictures and Multimedia with Your Blog Posts

Look at pinterest, facebook, flickr and instagram and tell me why these sites rock, simply because of images. People don’t want to read long articles, it bores them. Add images to spice up your blog. It’s easy to find some cool pictures and put them on your articles. You can add videos as well from youtube.

How to fix this? Search online for relevant images, try:

7. Writing a Blog As You Are Writing a Book

Your grammar doesn’t have to be accurate. You are writing a blog as you are talking with your friend. Write short sentences. Make it easy for people to understand. Write smaller paragraphs. You are not writing a book, you are blogging and you are asking to hear back (from comments and social media.) So make a blog with easy and simple language.

How to fix this? Think like you are talking with a friend when writing, as you are writing an email.

8. Writing about a Whole Lot of Different Topics in Same Blog

You don’t wanna confuse your readers trying to figure out what your blog is about. When I started this blog, I put blogging as my core topic. Then I added freelancing and internet marketing as things started to grow. But I am not writing about Golf or Makeup in the same platform. That would just confuse my readers. When you start a blog, think about your core topic and write only about that nothing else.

How to fix this? Write only about things that are relevant to your blog. Make it a niche blog.

9. Loading Your Blog with Lots of Banners and Ads + Bad Navigation

Most bloggers will fall into this category, they want to make money online and clutter their blog with ads. Making money with a blog is not a bad thing but your approach is wrong. If you have very little visitors how you are suppose to convert it into leads. If you put more ads than content, then people will go away. The same way you can make it hard for people to navigate and find pages on your blog.

How to fix it? Use simple templates for your blog. Cut down banners and look for alternatives to make money with a blog. I suggest you sell an ebook.

10. Hiding Yourself

hiding behind a maskNow people want to read from a person. When they read one or two of your articles they will want to know who this person is. They won’t believe your words until they read more about you. If you hide behind an avatar or make it hard for people to find the author, people won’t trust you or your opinions. The fact is people trust other people, not a phony avatar. It’s not the 2000s anymore; it’s the world of social media.

How to fix this? Add an about page and put a real picture of yourself. Give them a way to contact you, say email. Add links to your social media profiles.

And finally after you fix all of your mistakes in blogging, you will see the benefits of being in the TOP 3% of the blogging land. You are now ahead of the crowd.

So let’s hear from your side, are you making any of the above mistakes right now? Was this article an eye opener for you? Please comment and share this post.


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10 thoughts on “97% Bloggers Are Making One of These 10 Mistakes in Blogging

  1. Writing with a conversational tone is very important, I think. If you do that, your character will come through clearly. People will get a sense that they know you as a person. That means they’ll be more likely to return to see what new stuff you have up there. They’ll also be more likely to contribute comments.

  2. Hi Tamal,

    You have raised valid points in this article, and I agree with you on all of them. Writing frequently helps us to keep in contact with our readers. I like what you said about cluttering a blog with banners and ads. I used to have a banner, and Google adsense on my blog, but then removed it, since it did make my blog more of a commercial website than an online diary, which is what a good blog needs to be. Agree 100% about not copying content from other websites. Not only it makes the blog look cheap, but it downgrades its relevance and popularity. Search engines don’t like such blogs either. And of course mentioning sources – it is just pure decency which eventually builds up your own reputation as a blogger.

    I will be back! :)


    1. Hey Galina, I used a CSS hack so that the name of the commentator will come in Sentence case and the comment will come in lowercase. I did it because so many time people go full uppercase or lowercase when writing a comment and it leads me to much more time fixing them. So in the comment everything stays lowercase.

    2. Welcome to my blog!

      Well I did more mistakes than what I have mentioned here when I started blogging, but I learned. Making a blog with a voice and presenting the tips with a different angle is what makes people come again and again.

      Thanks Galina, see you again!

  3. You hit it right on the head when you say that people publish poor quality content. There are lots of “me too” blogs there. There’s no way anyone is going to succeed with trash. If you want to gain value you must give value. That’s the way life works and blogging is NO different.

    1. Absolutely correct my friend! Blogging is like a business and it needs to put their readers in front and provide value. This is how we can succeed!

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