6 shockingly evil things about facebook traffic

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You love facebook don’t you? I have been on facebook for 3 years now and have done things to get traffic from facebook. I used groups, links, discussions an now facebook fan page to drive traffic. But what you know, these are the 6 shockingly evil things about facebook traffic

1 It sends awesomely NOOB visitors

Hey, I’m not talking about you! But as a website publisher you should see that the amount of visitors coming to your site are noob comparing to your blog readers. The users know only to update status but cannot type their name and email to comment.

2 High BOUNCE rate!

Ever imagined how long they stay on your site? Less than 10 seconds and even low, yeah this is true and can hurt your SEO rankings.

3 They have ZERO interest on your content

Unless you write about the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus, they won’t get interested in your tech or blogging topic. Even big tech blogs have less users on their facebook fan page.

4 Facebook users get lost into your site

It doesn’t matters how smart your website navigation is, users will get lost into your site and they will soon close your site.

5 Traffic doesn’t converts that easily

If you are paying for the facebook traffic, then you must know this! To bring the traffic and sign them off for your ebook is just like a war to win. That’s why people are more likely to invest in google adwords than facebook ads.

6 They are not INFLUENTIAL

You think facebook traffic will promote your site? No way! Majority of the facebook users spend their time chatting and browsing pics. So even better to spend some time helping new bloggers who are starting out blogging.

Have your say!

  • Are you on facebook?
  • Are you trying to bring visitors from facebook?
  • How are they converting into your site?
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20 thoughts on “6 shockingly evil things about facebook traffic

  1. Honestly said i am not a great fan of face book, actually facebook world is much far from blogging world, i think most of the fb users are young and just like to chat and share some personal matter with friends. They neither like to read a big post nor write. So i think trying too hard for driving traffic from fb is nothing but wasting time because even though you hardly get then in your blog they won’t stay their. Anyway Thank for such a nice post

  2. I believe it depends on your friend list. If your blog visitors are those who are on your friend list, then Facebook is definitely good for driving traffic to your blog.
    .-= Aminul Islam Sajib´s last blog ..WordPress Rolls Out New Default Theme – Twenty Ten =-.

  3. I agree with the above comment that it depends on your friend’s list. If you have a bunch of friends who are not interested in what you are writing about, then although they may click on it, it probably won’t count for much. But if you, say, have a lot of dedicated fans on your fan page that use Facebook as a means of subscribing to your site, then you will get better click throughs and conversions in terms of comments, shares, etc.
    .-= Kristi´s last blog ..Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & What Social Media Is and Isn’t =-.

    1. That was exactly my point.
      .-= Aminul Islam Sajib´s last blog ..WordPress Rolls Out New Default Theme – Twenty Ten =-.

  4. Yes. If you have the people who love your topic then its
    Ok. But if your blog subscriber are your facebook friends then you are not getting traffic from facebook because they are alreay your loyal reader and they would visit your blog even if you did’t use facebook. They are your blog come facebook traffic. If its totally about drive traffic from facebook then its really hard to get targeted traffic.

  5. I always try to ignore the peoples who are not related with the blogging world……a blogger from any kind of niches may have the curiosity to click on any link that are made by any post.

    So just go to the groups related to your niches and befriend. Hope, it will helps all of the people to driving visitors.
    .-= Shamim´s last blog ..How to Select Correct Keywords For a Blog Post? =-.

  6. Just wish to add to Kristi’s comment – the value of audience (friends/followers) means a lot in determining Facebook success. Just like any other social media sites, it requires two-ways communication & relationship building. :-) I wouldn’t say Facebook is all evil but depends much on how one is planning to use it and strategies involved.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..How To Create A Private Discussion Board On Facebook =-.

  7. I only use FB to update my friends list about any new blog post that I write in my Bangla blog only. I don’t use FB for high quality traffic.
    .-= Ria´s last blog ..Poor Love Life? Blame it on BlackBerrys and iPhones =-.

  8. Ok I used to get traffic from facebook. But it has now stopped. Why? Because I am now posting something that don’t interest them anymore. And You should know that – facebook users are lazy minded – while they are using facebook. They don’t want to go anywhere else because they are getting fun on facebook. It’s for a recreation who want’s to miss that?

    If someone is really liking your blogging then he or she might look for a while. Or it’s a total useless.
    .-= D.J.Rony´s last blog ..Why Your Facebook Account is Important !!! =-.

  9. I’ve had good experiences when other people promote my work on Facebook. One friend has over a thousand Facebook friends, and that brings in hundreds of targeted visits whenever she links to me. I think I might be able to approximate that effect if I get a good quantity of Facebook friends.

    I’d say quality traffic is the perpetual fight. In a way, we don’t even really know if the audience we need is on the Internet. I’m increasingly convinced the audience I need isn’t here.
    .-= ashok´s last blog ..Comment on Cowboy Bebop, “Sympathy for the Devil,” Session 6 =-.

  10. Now -a -days Facebook become a part of my life. so, i don’t think it is a problem if i get little traffic from it. But aggreeing with other commentator , if i made the facebook friends list with a bunch of loyal and concerned people and if they relly feel interested in it , i think it will definately provide
    excellent results.
    Thank for the interesting article.

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