3 More money making websites to boost your online income

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Make money online is the best thing to do with the internet. Instead of wasting time on pointless browsing, you can spend that time to make some pocket money. I’ve covered a lot of money making methods that made me money and now here’s more for you.

PayPerPost V4 for bloggers

The first stop is the latest website. Yes, PayPerPost; this is not the old PPP, it’s the new version 4 that’s currently on alpha. This new PPP is setup with a new marketplace with a new method of paid content. They call it paid conversation.

3 More money making websites to boost your online income Payperpost version 4
This time you’ll set how much you’ll take per word and per link. That means the more you’ll write about your advertiser, the more they’ll pay.

New PPP is currently on Alpha version and you’ll need an alpha key to sign up. Go to this official blog post and request an alpha key with a comment.

TwtAd for twitterers

I guess most of you all know about TwtAd. This is a brand new twitter marketplace to sell your tweets. The ad method is pay per click. The more clicks you get on your ad, the more you’ll earn. Click rates could differ from $0.01 to $0.20.

3 More money making websites to boost your online income TwtAd
A nice thing of TwtAd is the referral program. You can earn 20% of your referrals earnings. You can use referral banners and links to promote your twtad account. Please do sign up with my link.

ShortTASK for web users

Short task is a money making website which offers simple tasks such as social bookmarking, linking and commenting jobs. ShortTASK pays the users to take simple tasks and complete it within a limited amount of time.

3 More money making websites to boost your online income Short Task

Short task pays a little amount of money, like social bookmarking for $0.01-$0.10; commenting on posts, writing a review etc. There are bigger paying tasks available that pays $1 to $5.

Start making money today!

There are lots of money making opps on the internet; just search and get started. Do you know any more cool money making sites? Then please do tell me about it.

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17 thoughts on “3 More money making websites to boost your online income

  1. hi,
    now the withdrawal limit is lower upto 10$ but dude they will not pay you ..This site is really a scam ..here is my story…i took around 2 months to get upto 10$ in my account and after withdraing to paypal account look what customer support od shorttask send it to me ….

    “Dear Solver,
    ShortTask is currently facing a technical issue with PayPal. Due to this we are unable to release money to solvers at this time. We are working hard to resolve this problem and it should be resolved soon.
    In the meantime, we are keeping a log of every withdrawal request so that as soon as this problem is fixed, ShortTask will release payment for all of the pending withdrawal requests. We know that you are continuing to work hard on ShortTask and you can rest assured that you will not lose any of the earnings that you have made. We would appreciate your continued patience and support with this problem.
    Thank you,

    If they have always tehnical issue with paypal why they take it as a withdrawal option …it is totally a scam website ..I am also going to make a review on my website so that every people will know about this scam website….

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