10 Idiotically Stupid Reasons to Use BING

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10 idiotically stupid reasons to use BING

Bing, bing, bingo.. now days everyone is talking about this new search engine. I noticed this search tool when I saw a number of people are coming to my blog through bing. It’s a search engine from MSN and now yahoo have joined the bing team to bang google with it.

Over the last few weeks I have read a lot of reviews from experts to newbie bloggers about the features and seo benefits. Now here my stupid reasons why you should use BING,

1. You can type B I N G much faster than typing G O O G L E.
2. Bing has a new homepage design every day.
3. It shows much more relevant results comparing to others.
4. Bing shows less ads when you search (until now!)
5. Bing has a feature to check the overview of the site before clicking that site.
6. Google and Bing are almost the same but you feel like it’s even better.
7. Bing is much more SEO friendly than google.
8. Bing shows related terms and related sites when you search.
9. Bing has much more things to offer as a new search engine.
10. You want google not to be the search king anymore!

Okay jokes apart! BING is actually better in many cases comparing to google. Take a look at my comparison of Bing vs Google and the Bing-it-on challenge.

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31 thoughts on “10 Idiotically Stupid Reasons to Use BING

  1. LOL… (Bing, bing, bingo..). Interesting post.

    Yes, Bing provides relevant result in some important criteria where giant google may be failure.

  2. I know Bing isn’t that great of a search engine, but it would be nice to see it make a hole in Google’s Search engine reign. It would be fun to see how the search engine industry would change if that were to happen.

    Till then,


  3. Why would you want microsoft to succeed?

    Whatever you don’t like about google, you do realize that microsoft would be like however and 10 times worse if they were on top??

    Ever pay attention to their corporate behavior in the 90s??? Seriously.

  4. Personally I like bing and their rotating homepage backgrounds. It is at least interesting, which is more than can be said about the Google homepage. All Google has is their lame custom logos around holidays and certain birthdays.

    I definitely want to see bing succeed just so that Google does not control such a huge portion of the search market. Evening the playing field would open up much more opportunities for everyone.

  5. Who wrote the 10 idiotically stupid reasons to use BING, a 6th grader? (Actually a 6th grader would not have made such idiotically stupid mistakes), the grammar and syntax is a joke…great start BING … I think I’ll stay with GOOGLE as it works GREAT !

  6. Bing’s massive advertising campaign has clearly paid off.. google doesn’t include different pictures in their homepage because it increases load time. if you want cool pictures, use stumbleupon.

  7. Why Bing is a stupid ass name for a search engine
    Bing is and always will be #3 Not Even #2, and lots more people can agree with me on this

    Rumors are flying leading up to Microsoft revealing their next attempt at trying to restart their search platform at the upcoming D: All Things Digital conference next week. For the last little while they have been apparently testing the engine in-house using the Kumo domain but the one other name being floated around as the possible brand for the search engine is – Bing.

    Ya… Bing, and I don’t mean the cherries or the character from Friends (thanks AJ for those lost minutes reading about that). the only problem is that Microsoft’s attempts to trademark the name has been tossed by the US Trademark Office

    Registration of the applied-for mark is refused because of a likelihood of confusion with the mark in U.S. Registration No. 3562956. Trademark Act Section 2(d), 15 U.S.C. §1052(d);see TMEP §§1207.01 et seq. See the enclosed registration.
    Source: LiveSide.net
    While much of the opinion about the Bing name has been pretty mixed from what I have read all I can say is that it is one of the stupidest names that Microsoft could have come up, well maybe not the stupidest but pretty close.

    The fact is that Microsoft could have finally developed the killer search engine that leaves Google and all the rest in the dust but it won’t matter one bit with a name like Bing. Ask any serious marketer what they they think – how would they sell it?

    Even with a killer search platform Microsoft has forgotten the most important thing – Google owns the culture. It owns the verb. How often have you seen someone write “I googled you last night”, or said “I’ll google that for you and get right back”. Google has become the search language verb. From pretty well primary school right through to the grave Google has become the defacto word for search.

    If Microsoft even wants to have a chance regardless of the quality of their search platform, although it would be easier if it has been improved, they are going to have to fight for the verb. they are going to need to replace our usage of google with one of their own and Bing ain’t gonna do it.

    Think about it.

    Are you gonna tell someone that you binged them to find out who they were?

    Are you going to be courageous to even utter the words hang on while I bing for that information with a serious look on your face?

    I doubt it.

    Silly Microsoft, Bing is for cherries – not serious search engine marketing

  8. wow i said a long list of why bing is and always be #3 not even number #2 and this website deleted my post look at how its so obvious that microsft made this blog to make itself better now i bet its going to delete this post Just Watch! Just like my other one!

  9. Google is the best, will always be, and Bing is just trying to look better than Google but in real life Bing is copying Google all these ads just makes it seem “cooler” but it isnt. Bing’s layout is just like Google. Bing was not that great because of their boring fonts and stuff back then but now that it changed their backgrounds into different pictures everyday and have a different layout *BOOM* bing became populaur like really?

  10. I meant that bing played bingo and it losted. HAHA. GOOGLE is the best and you should go to it instead of bing. GOOGLE gives you more information guys. By the way my name isn’t Tiffeny Ridiot. It’s wait why am i telling you my name you don’t need to know HAHA

  11. I was quite surprised by Bing. At first its searches were terrible and it was bundled or something with AVG that actually had quite strange search results. But bing has an excellent layout. And it has an angled view on maps! – you can see, say, Tokyo at a “bird’s eye” view. I’ve actually gotten fond of my Bing. (awww). Anyone who says “Google Rocks” is obviously very defensive. And it is also obvious why: Google and Bing and all the rest are terrible terrible search engines. And it is obviously done on purpose. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to use quotes to find an exact passage. I can only assume that this was considered too dangerous.

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