2checkout review LogoIn this 2checkout review I will talk about how to use this merchant service as your payment processor. I am using 2CheckOut (2CO) for few years now and I must say the value they provided me is simply outstanding. I am a freelance web designer and I started my journey on odesk. Soon I had to move out from odesk and start my own freelance business. Now the main obstacle that I faced when being in my own online business was the lack of a payment system.

payment processor 2checkout

For start I had only my prepaid card that I got from odesk. This card has a load feature. This means by going to a special page, my clients can load my card. This is how I took payment from clients for the first 6 months or so but very soon I had to find an alternative.

Now the problem was that this process is very confusing. My clients didn’t even trust the system they don’t even heard of. Payoneer (the prepaid card) is an Israel based company and their payments servers are scattered around some countries you didn’t even heard of.

payoneer card load page

One of my clients refused to use this method to pay me because of the lack of trust in the system.

This payment processor asks for social security number for verification. That turned off most of my clients.

Another lack of the default load service of Payoneer is that they only accept loads from mastercard and visa card. One of my clients had an American Express card and she could not use it to pay me.

Most clients wanted me to pay using PayPal, and I had to convince them to use this default load system to pay me.

As a result in the beginning of my self-owned business, I lost 30-50% of contracts because of the lack of a professional payment processor.

In my country and PayPal is not available. So I needed a payment processor that accepts PayPal.

I Found a Service Called 2CheckOut

Mainly 2CheckOut is a payment processing service. It accepts all the major credit cards, paypal and echeck payments. This is really a good thing for me. The secure shopping area will make my clients confident to use it.

To sign up for this service I had to pay a onetime fee of $49. This is a non-refundable application fee.

Update: I checked out the 2CO site and saw that they have reduced the application fee. Now the application fee is $10.99. See the pricing page for details. You can use the coupon code BLOGKORI to sign up for free.

When I signed up and paid the money, I can now access the account and create products. Now in this time I cannot sell any products using 2CO.

So in order to get accepted from 2CO, you need to follow a few steps,

1. Setup your business website

You first need to own a website and then showcase your products. It is easy to setup a website and you can read my guide to set one up. I setup a few web design packages and displayed them on my website.

2. Create products from 2checkout area

Now the next bit is to create the products from the 2 Check Out seller area. Log in to the 2CO account and locate to Products. Click create to create your first product, fill up all the details and set the price.


3. Add product & payment buttons in your website

Now in the next part you have to put this product and buy button code in your website. Go to your website and create your product pages. Now go to 2CO product page > View > and then click on the product to get HTML Snippets,

2checkout view and get HTML

Now just copy the button code and paste it on your page to show this buy button.

select html for product

You can also just use the plain link and use it on a custom image button on your website.

4. Add legal pages in your website + refund policy

2CheckOut requires you to add legal pages in your website. You need to have a disclaimer, terms of service and a refund policy. When I started I was confused on how to create these pages. 2CO told me that I can just copy their legal pages and just replace their name with mine to use on my website.

So I copied their terms of service page and pasted them on a word document. Then I used the find and replace command to add my name,

find and replace 2checkout legal docs

Make sure you replace 2CheckOut, 2CO and the web address with yours.

Add terms of use, privacy policy, disclaimer and a refund policy.

2CO requires you to create a refund policy. You have to clearly state this in your website’s refund policy page. In my web design service, I don’t refund money but I offer a full satisfaction guarantee. So I had to write that on my own refund statement.

 Seven Branding will not issue a Refund to the original funding source if the project process has been started. But if you wish to cancel the project before we start on working, you can reverse the funds back to your account.”

Whatever your refund policy is, you have to mention it in the terms of service or in the refund policy page. Please let me know in the comments if you need more info on this.

5. Add a disclosure in website footer

Mainly you have to add their credit card buttons on the site footer found here. And also state that “2CheckOut is the payment processor of [your-company]”

6. Apply for review & get approved

Now that you are all done, contact 2CO support and review your website and accounts. When they are satisfied, they will approve your account for selling.

Getting Paid from 2CO

2CheckOut is very sincere with payments. You can add your bank account to accept direct deposits from them. You can also use a mastercard card to get paid. I used my existing card with 2CO and use that to receive payments.


They send payments every Thursday and the minimum amount you can withdraw is $20.

The Benefits of Using 2 CheckOut

Well I have to say they helped me grow my business. Now I can accept all the major credit cards and PayPal to receive money. This shopping cart is secure and my clients are very confident using it. Payoneer card makes it easier to get paid.

The Downside of Using 2CO

There is a huge downside and that is the fees they charge. They charge 5.5% for every payment I receive. In addition to that, they reserve 5%. They release this 5% after 3 months. So when I get payments of say $100, 2CO will be cutting off $10.5 from it.

So if you are happy with this pricing structure then go for 2CheckOut. However comparing to the service I am getting (like accepting every credit card and paypal) this fee is very reasonable to me.

Update: 2CO now charges 3.99%. PayPal and others charge 3.75% so comparing to that 2checkout is being fair by offering all these updated options and features to the users.

Using 2CheckOut for Custom Invoices

As a web designer I am not bounded to fixed price products. I had to offer custom prices to my clients. So 2CO has a very good option to use a custom invoice. Go here, Sales > Request Invoice

Now fill up the details of your client, amount, product and click to send and click to “Submit Request”

2checkout request invoice

Now you can copy this invoice and send to your client or you can send using 2CO.

When my client receives this email, they can just click on the link and pay me.

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How do you find this 2checkout review? Was it helpful? Please drop your comment with feedback or questions. Which payment processor you use? Any better alternatives to 2CO?

By the way if you are thinking of signing up for 2CO, then use the coupon code BLOGKORI to apply free. Usually it costs $10.99.

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