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How to Add Facebook Comments in Your WordPress Blog

For building a better blog or website, you need to focus on usability. Blog comments are a great way to increase usability but what more you can do? Now that there are more than 1 billion active users on facebook and even my mom is on facebook, adding facebook comments on the blog seems like… [Read the full post]


How to Offer an Ebook Download Using Feedburner

As you have learned in my last few posts how to create a PDF ebook from a word doc and then where to host your ebook for instant download. Now in this post I would like to share how you can offer your ebook through feedburner. Feedburner is a free blog RSS service and it… [Read the full post]


How to Host Your Ebook as an Online Download

You have an ebook that you want to offer as a download. Now in this post I will write about how you can host your ebook online and offer it as a download. If you want to know how I have created my word document in a PDF ebook, then make sure to check that… [Read the full post]


How to Create A PDF Ebook Using Google Docs

On this post I will write about how you can create ebooks to offer in your blog as downloads in PDF version. PDF files are very popular and it can be opened in mobile phones, smart phones, iphones and ipads as well as computers. In google chrome PDF can be opened and read right on… [Read the full post]


How to Install WordPress Blog on Your Server

People say that it’s better to host our blogs ourselves than host it with Wordpress. They say self hosted blog gives us more freedom to show our creativity, our innovation and etc. In fact, what I think is that the statement remains true only if you have certain level of knowledge in web hosting and… [Read the full post]


How to move your blogger blog to wordpress?

Back in January 2009, I moved BlogKori from blogger to wordpress. I had the domain setup under blogspot that I had to point on my own server. The problem was that I had about 80 posts which I want them in my new wordpress blog. I knew that at some point, I'd receive this question… [Read the full post]

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