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I Went to DevsTeam Winning Celebration [Photos]

Lately the boys from the other side of town over at DevsTeam invited me. They won the SEO competition from, and it was a time for celebration. I was invited by Al-Amin Kabir, CEO of the Devs for the evening feast. I was excited to attend another industry meetup like the odesk meetup this… [Read the full post]


I Went to oDesk Meetup Day Dhaka -2012 [Photos]

Few months ago I saw a public voting on facebook. It titled something like this: "Vote to bring odesk in your city" -so I voted for Dhaka. I didn't expected that odesk would actually host an event at Dhaka. Last month, I woke up in the morning and usually checking my email, I saw an… [Read the full post]


My Dot Com Trip to Habiganj, Sylhet -2010 [Photos]

Nearly half of January has been passed, sorry my friends I haven't been able to write my first post of 2011 as I was looking back at my achievements and planning for 2011. Yes 2010 has been a great year for me in terms of achievement, earnings and milestones. So lets just start of this post… [Read the full post]


My Dot Com Trip to Cox’s Bazaar -2009 [Photos]

Hi friends, only few of my friends know that I had taken a break from my work and went to Cox’s Bazaar beach for a holiday with my family. We enjoyed the waves, sea, mountains and all of the cool places of south Bangladesh. This was a Dot Com trip because the travel was sponsored by my… [Read the full post]

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