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I Went to DevsTeam Winning Celebration [Photos]

Lately the boys from the other side of town over at DevsTeam invited me. They won the SEO competition from, and it was a time for celebration. I was invited by Al-Amin Kabir, CEO of the Devs for the evening feast.

Delicious fried rice

I was excited to attend another industry meetup like the odesk meetup this year see the photos here.

Anyways cutting the chat, I let you see the pictures first with my usual commentary [Continue reading…]


I Went to oDesk Meetup Day Dhaka -2012 [Photos]

Few months ago I saw a public voting on facebook. It titled something like this: “Vote to bring odesk in your city” -so I voted for Dhaka. I didn’t expected that odesk would actually host an event at Dhaka.

Last month, I woke up in the morning and usually checking my email, I saw an invitation to register for the odesk event in Dhaka. I just put that email in “Read later” folder. Few hours later in the afternoon I logged in to facebook and saw that one of my contacts posted about this event and suggested that you should hurry in order to reserve your seat.

So I rushed and checked that email and registered. By the time I registered, there were 220 people already registered & I heard that they will take only first 350 attendees.


By the way odesk is a freelance marketplace. If you want to know what is it and how to start freelancing, check out this post.

The event was at Emmanuelle’s Banquet Hall in Gulshan-1. I went to the place on time and it was easy finding the place. I checked the map earlier so it was not a big deal at all.

Around 3PM in the afternoon, the temperature of the city was very hot and I was sweating. Anyways after getting inside it was a relaxing environment.

Let the pictures do that talking: [Continue reading…]


My Dot Com Trip to Habiganj, Sylhet -2010 [Photos]

Nearly half of January has been passed, sorry my friends I haven’t been able to write my first post of 2011 as I was looking back at my achievements and planning for 2011. Yes 2010 has been a great year for me in terms of achievement, earnings and milestones. So lets just start of this post by telling you about my Dot Com Trip at Habiganj (Sylhet.) You do know why I call it “DOT COM TRIP” don’t you? Because it’s sponsored by my online earnings :)

Tamal Anwar sitting next to the water falls

Me and my family went for a tour on 12th December 2010 and we spent 17 days, that’s like more than 2 weeks. I brought my laptop with me and worked during my vacation.

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My Dot Com Trip to Cox’s Bazaar -2009 [Photos]

Hi friends, only few of my friends know that I had taken a break from my work and went to Cox’s Bazaar beach for a holiday with my family. We enjoyed the waves, sea, mountains and all of the cool places of south Bangladesh. This was a Dot Com trip because the travel was sponsored by my online activities including blogging and freelancing… I’m so happy to feel that. We went to different places everyday, enjoyed the food, the travelers life with no work and nothing to worry about.. spending tons of quality time with family.

Tamal Anwar at Cox's Bazaar

It was a fun experience because I got some free time out of my work and the money making mania.. and got back with cool new ideas and inspirations. [Continue reading…]

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