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How to Make Money With Your Smartphone

by Tamal Anwar on Monday, September 2, 2013

make money with a smart phoneDo you want to make money using your mobile? In this post you can learn how to use your smart phone to generate extra income, allowing you to make money from anywhere, at anytime.

Today’s mobile devices offer great entrepreneurial prospects and these tips are designed to help get you started on your journey:

1. Build an app

Building an app isn’t as complicated or as advanced as it sounds. If you or some of your friends have technical skills you can easily think up a clever idea and create an app that you can monetise and sell on the Android market. If your app is downloaded 10 000 times and you charge $.0.50 for each download, you can make $5000. Click to Read the Full Article →

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

by Tamal Anwar on Tuesday, April 16, 2013

affiliate-marketingSo you must have heard of affiliate marketing and people can make money being an affiliate. But what is it exactly and how it works? In this article I am going to share what affiliate marketing is and how it really works.

To make it really simple, I am going to share a real life example. I have launched BlogKori Academy which is an online coaching platform. My readers can join this course and learn from me through videos. My course is priced at $49-$99.

Now the thing is, in order to have more sales, I need to attract more students. My resources and reach is limited. So what I did was to offer an affiliate program. In this program someone can join as an affiliate (for free) and promote my course. When they make a sale, I will pay a percentage of the profit to that affiliate. This is called an affiliate commission.

I am using software so the sales tracking and commissions are managed automatically. So you see that this way I can reach more people and sell more. On the other hand my affiliate is making money by promoting my stuff.

It’s a win win situation for both of us. So this is how exactly affiliate marketing works. Click to Read the Full Article →


Online Scams – Four Dollar Click Scam – Get Rich Scams

by Tamal Anwar on Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Internet is tempting for the new user. You may have a friend who knows someone who knows someone who made a lot of money using the internet. Yes it is true that you can make money on the internet and you can build a business around it. I have done this so I can say to you yes it works!

There are get rich schemes and click schemes. Recently a site popped up into my radar, a website that pays 4 dollars for every click. Yes simple you just have to click on the ad; a timer will run for 30 seconds. Keep viewing this website for 30 seconds and BAM! You just made $4 online!

four dollar click

Click on 10 ads and you will make $40. Click on 100 and you just made $400/day. How long will it take for you to make $4,000? Just 10 days. How much you can earn in a month, 12,000 dollars!

Just the time you realize that you were dreaming. Yes seriously, four dollar click or any site that will offer you a dollar for a lousy click is a scam. I have seen them come and go all these years.

Okay let me show you their website and their terms,

4dollarclick withdraw

See! you will need to buy a membership to be able to withdraw your earnings.

So how much is the membership you say?

membership scam in 4dollarclick

Yeiks! $99 EVERY MONTH JUST TO BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW THE MONEY? –yes I had to go full caps!

And when do they pay?

payment term for four dollar click

75 days to process your payment and only if you stay with the terms? Good way to rip people off.

Now go again to the purchase page and see how much they charge for advertising on their network,

purchase ads

1000 hits for $10. So that means for every click they charge 1 cent per click. So if they are charging a penny for a click, how they are able to pay you $4 for that click?

I am sure by now 4dollarclick user must be feeling like this,

tom and jerry jack ass by online scams

Wake up my friend! The internet is full of scams like this. Scams like get rich quick and get tons of visitors to your internet website.

By putting together this article, I want to help you save yourself from these types of scams. There are real ways you can make money, go ahead and read this article to find out.

It takes real work and dedication to earn from the internet. Some people will just ignore this fact and go for the quick money. I think this is why people get scammed over and over again and sites like 4dollarclick pops up.


media dot net logoIn search of a better ad network I found Media.Net. What so cool about this ad network is that it is run by the internet giants Yahoo and Bing. Yahoo is pumping it up with their publisher network while Bing has included their inventory of ads.

Together Media dot net is going to become the next big sensation in website monetization. Google Adsense is a tough program to get into and they can delete your account for no prior notice. Day by day google is getting picky about who they will accept. In search of a better alternative, all of the other ad providers perform too weak!

A good alternative to google adsense was AdBrite but they are closing down their doors soon. So few days ago I found out about the new Media.Net and I instantly requested an invite.

Media Dot Net is still not open for public and they are not giving access to everyone who knocks their door. To my surprise this new and robust ad platform approved my application and they also assigned a friendly person as my account manager.


I won’t say that it is an alternative to adsense; Media.Net is going to be a far better ad platform than the big G. After signing up I was impressed with their super easy interface and I instantly added the units to my blog. So I just added the units on my blog so nothing much I can say how well it may perform, but I have very high expectations for this. On the other hand this is a huge network so there are plenty of ads to showcase for almost every type of website.

For the payment methods I am happy they offer bank wire and PayPal payments. The minimum payment threshold is still unknown but I think this will be around 50 bucks or so.

If you have a blog or website, and want to monetize it, you can feel free to check them out and apply.


How to Use PayPal to Sell Ebooks from Your Blog & Make Money

by Tamal Anwar on Friday, September 28, 2012

PayPal LogoYou can make money from your blog without displaying ugly banner ads. When it comes to blogging and making money from it, maximum people would go crazy for adsense, pay per click ads, affiliate banners and put all sort of junk in their blogs. Adsense can be a good way to monetize your blog but it will pay few cents and take away your valuable visitors.

As an alternative you can easily monetize your blog and still keep the integrity of your blog. The solution is to sell ebooks from your blog.

In this article I will write how you can use your PayPal account to easily sell your digital ebook and make money from your blog. Click to Read the Full Article →


Case Study: How to Start a Blog For Free and Make Money

by Tamal Anwar on Friday, August 31, 2012

Do you want to make money blogging? Then start a blog right now. Starting a blog is no brainer, with the help of popular and free blog platforms; you can create a blog in less than 5 minutes. But can you start a free blog and make money from it?

make money blogging - one dollar bill

Yes you can!

Who did this? I did. 5 years ago I started a blog on a free blogspot platform. I not just made money, I made a money making business out of it. I didn’t invest a single cent. Read my case study, Click to Read the Full Article →


How to Get Referrals with Quality Video Testimonials for Starting Your CareerLet me share my secret on how to get referrals (word of mouth clients) in freelance or any business you are in. Quality video testimonials will help you grow in your freelance career or any field you are operating. In this article I will write about how you can EARN quality video testimonials from your clients. This will help you when you are starting your career and teach you on how to get referrals.

I started back in 2009 in odesk and that website has a rating system. A scale from 1-5 stars, that gives a hint about the quality of a freelance worker. The more the stars is obviously better. As a part of the star rating system in odesk clients can write a short testimonial about the contractor (me)

This testimonial/feedback will help new clients to learn about the contractor and get you more referrals. As the feedback system had a positive impact because right now my rating is 4.97 stars (close enough) –it can also ruin your chances for getting work if you are receiving negative feedback.

Here are few tips I want to share for you to get better feedback and how to get referrals. This helped me boost my career as I was getting more and more business through word of mouth. Here take a look at the tips on how to get referrals in business.

Quality – Quality – Quality

This is How To Get Referrals in the First Place

Yes you hear it right. If you provide outstanding results, you will genuinely receive quality feedback. This is my only suggestion for how to get referrals. In my freelance work I Click to Read the Full Article →


Niche site buildingNiche is a market you want to get into. When I started a blog, I had many options to choose and even blogging niche is so broad I could write on many different topics. But when building a mini site I am bound to just one topic because at most I will be writing 20 pages for this website.

A popular belief is to go for the niches that are popular or what we assume sell well. If I just name niche building and affiliate marketing, then the first thing that comes in my mind is the health market or even the weight loss market. Yet so many people dive into the pool and as a result there is so much competition. But in reality, most people I assume don’t know why they are here. That’s why 97% people fail in internet marketing. So that means only 3% of the websites/marketers out there in the weight lose industry that makes the most money.

My Niche Selection Disaster

When I first started niche site building, I went for a random market that I had no idea about. The market was pinball machines. These machines are huge and sell at $4000 price tag and only a few companies online sell them and have affiliate option. Such things are collectible items and about 30 years old. These pieces are grand fathers of arcade games. So I was hoping for a $200 commission per sale. As I had no idea about the product I went out and purchased a few quality reviews. I also spent money for building links. As months passed by I didn’t saw any sale. When I added a few pinball books and mini toys on the site that range $15-40, these sold a couple of times.

So the lesson is learned, offer a product that has a good entry level pricing people can afford. Click to Read the Full Article →