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Make a Free iPhone and Android App for Your Blog Using Bloapp

Smartphone users are growing in number every day. Now more people have mobile phone and internet than personal computers. You can have your own iPhone and Android app for your blog absolutely free of charge using this amazing service called BloApp. BloApp has a large number of blank app handles and when you create your… [Read the full post]


What it is Like to Have an Office on Your Laptop?

We are fortunate to live in the age of technology and the internet. I have my office and it’s on my laptop. I can even take it in my pocket with a smartphone. There are enormous benefits of having your complete office on your laptop. But first let me share you how I came up… [Read the full post]


Website/Blog Launch Checklist (Printable Worksheet)

So lately I have been busy and excited with the launch of BlogKori Academy. If you don’t know yet, it is a video training platform that is set to launch this January 2013, read about it here. So over the past few years I have launched mine + other client sites and the website launch… [Read the full post]


Bing Is Getting Better – And Why Should I Care

Bing is a search engine like google, yahoo, aol and many others. Recently they created a new ad campaign which is called the Bing-It-On Challenge. In that special website you can search for a topic and compare google and bing results side by side. It’s like a blind test where you don’t know which search… [Read the full post]


How to Get 1000 Likes to Your Facebook Fan Page

If you have a facebook fan page but merely any fans, then chances are that your business won’t be taken seriously in social media. Facebook fan count is a social proof that your business/identity matters. For a starter getting 1000 facebook fans is a good starting point for building your social presence. In this post… [Read the full post]


10 Tips for Free Publicity to Promote Your Blog

Today James wrote a guest post for BlogKori; James is a tech analyst and staff blogger at an online supplier of franking machine ink cartridges to UK-based businesses. Follow his latest posts on their blog. There are blogs about nearly every subject imaginable, but a good portion of these never go beyond being seen by… [Read the full post]


FatCow is The Most Affordable Web Hosting Ever!

Yes FatCow is cheap and you can host your website for less than $50 a year. The current promotional price is around $3.67 and for 1 year the total would be around $44. That’s less than fifty dollars and you also get a free domain name. That’s the most affordable web hosting solution I have… [Read the full post]