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8 Tips to Maximize the Attendance of Your Webinars

You have the guests. You have the technology. You even have a hashtag all set. Yet, for some reason, you still have not been able to increase the attendance rate of your past and future webinars, otherwise known as webcasts.

The paucity of attendees to your webinars, whether they’re live or pre-recorded, is something that troubles a lot of brands that utilize online seminars. When you have just a couple of people watching your webinar, you feel disheartened and discouraged. You ultimately believe it was a wasted investment and a waste of time because not too many people were a part of your webinar.


It really is compelling to look at the numbers and see just how consistent webinar attendance rates are across various industries. The average webinar attendance rate is between 40 and 50 percent of registrants – that number shoots up to 60 percent depending on the source.

Webinars are superb business development strategies to employ. A webinar platform can help you conduct a killer webinar that will develop your brand, you become an authority on the topic and you garner the trust of your customers and prospects. Moreover, webinars become an easier way to get in front of a large audience (there are nearly three billion people using the Internet today!).

But what good does it do to host a webinar if no one is actually watching it? [Continue reading…]

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Make a Free iPhone and Android App for Your Blog Using Bloapp

bloapp logoSmartphone users are growing in number every day. Now more people have mobile phone and internet than personal computers. You can have your own iPhone and Android app for your blog absolutely free of charge using this amazing service called BloApp.

BloApp has a large number of blank app handles and when you create your free app, it will be then submitted into the app store. Let me inform you that currently a custom made iphone or android app costs roughly $5,000 but with this service you can have it for free.

And what are the benefits of having an app? You can easily reach more people with an app and let people stay on your site for longer.

To get started with BloApp first you need to go and sign up for a free account. Then next step is to submit your website and verify its ownership. And then you have to create your app and make it live.

Once your app is live you can then show a QR code widget on your site which people can scan and download your mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.

BloApp comes with couple of premade templates that you can use and also customize the headers and colors to make it branded.

iphone app design for your blog

When you are ready to take your blog to the next level, go and visit them and make a free app.


What it is Like to Have an Office on Your Laptop?

this is my office

We are fortunate to live in the age of technology and the internet. I have my office and it’s on my laptop. I can even take it in my pocket with a smartphone. There are enormous benefits of having your complete office on your laptop. But first let me share you how I came up with the transition? [Continue reading…]


Website/Blog Launch Checklist (Printable Worksheet)

launch-checklistSo lately I have been busy and excited with the launch of BlogKori Academy. If you don’t know yet, it is a video training platform that is set to launch this January 2013, read about it here.

So over the past few years I have launched mine + other client sites and the website launch process has almost become like a routine. So today I have created a special report which you can download and print; you can use this checklist to effectively launch your next website.

Download it here (Right click and save target as)

Now when you have this checklist make sure you don’t stress yourself up so tight. Just relax and go with the flow and everything will be fine.

Thank you!

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Upgrade to Your Professional Domain, Web Host & WordPress Blog For Less

Upgrade to Your Professional Domain, Web Host & WordPress Blog For LessBuilding an internet based business has never been this easy. You can build your own online business within hours and you don’t even have to spend thousands of dollars. This is the right time for you to upgrade. And you can do the transition for a fraction of cost!

I know you too want to move up, but few things keeping you down. For some it is the high cost of a domain/web hosting and for some the technical aspect is just too much confusing. But in this post I will guide you to the cheapest and the easiest way where you can start building your online empire.

No more blogging in a sub domain like –time to move on to a professional domain like Get the power and reliability of a web host, a wordpress self hosted account and a professional email, like: [Continue reading…]

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Web Hosting Mega Discount 40% off by HostGator on 10th Anniversary [Ended]

If you are in online business then a web hosting account is vital for online success. Web hosting is some space on the web where your website or blog will be hosted.

I am using hostgator for 4 years now and I have to say I am 200% satisfied from them. I have also recommended them to over dozen of my friends. And the experience of my friends with hostg was simply remarkable.

My friends now say, “Hey Tamal, why didn’t you tell me before?

So today HostGator is 10 years old and they sent me a special deal for my readers. You can have flat 40% discount on your first invoice + $5 domain registrations when you sign up using my link. [Continue reading…]

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Bing Is Getting Better – And Why Should I Care

Bing is a search engine like google, yahoo, aol and many others. Recently they created a new ad campaign which is called the Bing-It-On Challenge. In that special website you can search for a topic and compare google and bing results side by side. It’s like a blind test where you don’t know which search results are from which engine. See the video:

So I was curious and took the test and I made an interesting discovery, [Continue reading…]


10 Tips for Free Publicity to Promote Your Blog

Today James wrote a guest post for BlogKori; James is a tech analyst and staff blogger at an online supplier of franking machine ink cartridges to UK-based businesses. Follow his latest posts on their blog.

There are blogs about nearly every subject imaginable, but a good portion of these never go beyond being seen by just a few. Your blog needs to have more authority, but it needs more readers. Here are ten free ways to promote your blog and receive more traffic.

1. Take a Look at Social Media Outlets

Myspace, Facebook and Twitter all have people who might want to read what you’re writing about. Look around the other social media sites to see if there is something you can use. The more people who have a chance to see your work, the more quality readers you will receive.

2. Create Linkbait

Linkbait is best defined as articles or controversial pieces that people want to read and share. List articles and heavily charged pieces are great to use for linkbait. If your format is easily digestible, it could qualify for being link bait.

[Continue reading…]


FatCow is The Most Affordable Web Hosting Ever!

FatCow is The Most Affordable Web Hosting Ever!Yes FatCow is cheap and you can host your website for less than $50 a year. The current promotional price is around $3.67 and for 1 year the total would be around $44. That’s less than fifty dollars and you also get a free domain name. That’s the most affordable web hosting solution I have ever seen! Click this link to get the special discounted rate

FatCow is a Shared Web Hosting Service

A shared account means there will be other users in that machine. This is the sole reason why web hosting rates are so low. The other superior option is dedicated web hosting. This means you own one whole computer server. Dedicated accounts cost around $200/month so for a small business owner/blogger shared hosting is the right choice.

Unlimited Domains and Disk Space

On your FatCow account you can host unlimited domains and files. But let me make it clear, unlimited hosting isn’t unlimited. If you cause excessive load to the server, they will pull the plug and you have to reduce the pressure. This is good for a site with smaller audience and less content. If you are just starting out and require web hosting, then this is the right choice for you. What I would suggest, you can easily put 10 active websites in a single account.

Free Domain Name with Your Account

How many web hosting providers will give you a free domain name upon signing up? A domain name is a must when you are starting a website. Domain costs upto 15 dollars, so with a new hosting account you save good money.

FatCow is Affordable, Try it now!

This is the right time for you to start your new website under a professional domain and server. Domain + web hosting for 1 year will cost you no more than 50 dollars. You can earn that sum with a freelance assignment or through blogging. You can use your paypal funds or payoneer mastercard to pay for the account.

Why I Recommend FatCow?

I’m using both HostGator and FatCow right now. HostGator is my number one choice but they are too expensive for a shared hosting provider. They cost around $10/month. I have a few new websites hooked up at the COW with no problems. I’m also planning to get another plan for my upcoming sites. So if you are serious about making money online, then you go ahead and start your website through FatCow. (This is my affiliate link)



How to target local customers with the help of google local search

I’ve been researching this google product called google local search AKA google maps. This seemed to be a service to search locations on the world but now it’s a cool way to find local customers.

How to target local customers with the help of google local search

When you take a search on as the way you search on google web search, it shows a list of local locations, business, real estates and offices. These are the business listings provided by the users. Few days ago I was wondering if there’s a way to get real customers to a grocery store with the help of search engine? Now that there’s google maps, it’s easy for anyone to search anything near his place.

This service is highly beneficial for small businesses looking for local customers. And the good part is, you don’t need a website to get a free listing. For every free service, there’s a catch. Google map is another product which supports adwords. These are the user listings (FREE)

How to target local customers with the help of google local search blogkori

And these are paid listings,

How to target local customers with the help of google local search blogkori

Usually the paid listing gets more benefits and expossure comparing to the user listings.

To get started, go to google maps and sign in with your google/ gmail account. Now Under “My maps” create a New map,

How to target local customers with the help of google local search

After you created a listing, now you have to add it on the map located at the righ hand side of the screen. Search your location and add a pointer, draw an area etc to make it easy for your visitors. This is the place where I live,

Tamal Anwar East Kazipara, Dhaka

When people will click on your listing, they will see a baloon. You can write additional title and description. You can also add a link back to your website.

Tamal Anwar's Location


  • When you create a listing, try to think like a customer searching for product/ service. People won’t search for “Your-brand” they will search for “the service” + “the location.” For an example you can create a listing like, “Computer parts repair in Mirpur, Dhaka
  • Add the full address, street and the details to find your business. Local search is ment to send the real customer to your business.
  • When you list something, try to give the details of your service and your business number. This will allow them to contact with you directly.
  • Adding multiple free listings to one location/ keyword won’t help you. Try to create one good listing.

Using google web search

The great part of google map is, your listing will appear on the search result instantly. But the listing may never appear on the google web search. So if you want to invite your local customers through google web search, then you have to optimize your site for this.

Sometimes the website is not built for local audience; so you can create a sub landing page for local customers,

How to target local customers with the help of google local search

If you’re using the All in one SEO plugin on wordpress, then change the page’s title and description to the local version of your business. On the google maps, you can link the landing page from your map listing.

Google web search will take some time to get the search listings but once you get the rankings, you’ll attract even more local customers.

If you’d like to buy a business listing on google maps, then follow the instructions here,

Google local search listings blogkori

[My opinion: Forget about the paid listings, it’s even less effective than adwords!]

Google local search listing can be much more effective for doctor/ lawyer chambers, rentals, buy and sell items and local small businesses.

Are you placing a listing on google maps?

Do you think this will help you to find local customers? Is your business listed on google maps? Any real results?

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