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How to Get Advertisers in Your Blog?

For years I have blogged and made money by selling advertisements in my blog. However I haven’t got the chance to share how I got ad deals from my blog. Frankly speaking I haven’t done anything special to get advertisers in my blog but in this article I like to share how to do it… [Read the full post]


Save Time by Keeping Your WordPress Blog Spam Free

Self hosted wordpress blogs are the easy targets for spammers dropping link bombs and spam comments. Now if you are blogging for a while with wordpress you will know what I am talking about. A SPAM is like a junk mail that has no value. Mainly people spam forums and blog comments to get a… [Read the full post]


How to Speed Up Your Blog & Make It Load Faster

Hey wake up! It’s the new interweb. If you really really want to stand out then you have to be quick. Trust me, people don’t want to be waited. They have hundreds of other websites they can switch to, so why they want to stick to your blog? Speed matters! Over the years internet speed… [Read the full post]


What is The Cost of Running a Blog?

Blogging is like building a business and unlike any other businesses, it needs some regular cash flow to keep it going. Running a blog needs more than monetary commitments. It needs time, research, technical support and most of all, your special attention. In this article I will outline how much does it costs to run… [Read the full post]


How to Start a Blog That Matters To Your Readers

Starting a blog is very easy now days. You can start a blog within 5 minutes with just a click of a few buttons. But just starting a blog is not all; it’s about building a blog that matters. Ask a few questions to yourself, Will starting a blog help people who will be reading… [Read the full post]

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