Month: October 2012

The Benefits of Working From Home [Infographic]

So I just wanted to share this interesting and timely infographic shared on the odesk blog. Working from home has it’s awesome advantages and I am fully satisfied with the idea.


I can work from home and or anywhere I go. I am mobile.

Comparing to the old fashioned maintain an office lifestyle, this is much more better and guarantees a stress free lifestyle.

So here’s the awesome infographic for you, [Continue reading…]


Web Hosting Mega Discount 40% off by HostGator on 10th Anniversary [Ended]

If you are in online business then a web hosting account is vital for online success. Web hosting is some space on the web where your website or blog will be hosted.

I am using hostgator for 4 years now and I have to say I am 200% satisfied from them. I have also recommended them to over dozen of my friends. And the experience of my friends with hostg was simply remarkable.

My friends now say, “Hey Tamal, why didn’t you tell me before?

So today HostGator is 10 years old and they sent me a special deal for my readers. You can have flat 40% discount on your first invoice + $5 domain registrations when you sign up using my link. [Continue reading…]

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How to Track & Measure Your Blog Visitors – Get Clicky Review

measuring blog trafficDo you know how many people visit your blog? Do you have any idea from where they are coming, what they do and where they go?

If you don’t then you are doing a vital blogging mistake!

You need a way, a software to measure your blog visitors. You need to track it so you will know how you are doing with your blog.

And yes those fancy looking hit counters are not professional solutions when determining the success of your blog.

hit counters are lame

So, why you need to track your blog statistics?

Simply because you want to know whether your efforts in blogging are working or not? This in depth article will help you setup your own traffic analytic software and understand different key elements to track. [Continue reading…]


How to Add Facebook Comments in Your WordPress Blog

How to Add Facebook Comments in Your WordPress BlogFor building a better blog or website, you need to focus on usability. Blog comments are a great way to increase usability but what more you can do?

Now that there are more than 1 billion active users on facebook and even my mom is on facebook, adding facebook comments on the blog seems like the best option.

I am logged in to facebook 24/7, so I got a feeling that most of my readers are logged in too!

So in this post I will guide you how to add facebook comments in your wordpress blog, [Continue reading…]