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Under 18 Entrepreneurs: Lets start Your Own Service Based Business Online

Hi young entrepreneurs, you always wanted to start your own business online, or at least wanted to earn some money online. With this guide you will learn the ways to start your very own service based business online and start making money offering your services. Now I will recommend you to start your business online -why?

Building A Business Online Costs Less

Yes of course it costs less comparing to an actual business; your website can be your office, just like it is for me. All you need is a domain name and a web hosting service. Additionally you might need some help to design your website or write content for the site. After that you are ready to start your very own online business.

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How to create some unique and useful HTML elements for your blog?

This is a tutorial about some of the elements I’ve inserted in my blog using HTML codes. I use blogger platform which can be customized in every way you want. The template I’m using is a free blogger template but I’ve customized it for a great outlook. By the way, I’m not a programmer. I have just learned those few codes while blogging.

I hope you will find them useful and please stumble and delicious it before you go. Please do ask me a question if you faced any trouble using them. Here they are,

Top tab
Most of the custom templates got a top tab where you can add your blog links like home, about page, contact page etc. If your template doesn’t have one, or you are using a classic template then create one. Here is the top tab of (by the way, I’ve changed the template, take a look)

Create a new HTML page element and insert this code,

<a href=''>link1</a> |
<a href=''>link2</a> |
<a href=''>link3</a> |
<a href=''>link4</a> |
<a href=''>link5</a> |

Welcome note
You can see the welcome note of blogkori. To create this I’ve used only plain text and added some HTML’s for those links,

Some text <a href=''>Link 1</a> some more text <a href=''>Link 2</a> some more text.

Instead of “Labels” -I’ve created special categories of each tags so that it will look more professional. The url of each label is,

If you want to control how many articles a category will show in the next page, add the extra code: -Add those categories one by one as a link list

If you want to show the monthly archive pages of your blogger blog, then add this address: -(2008_November_01) -Add this like a link list too.

Love Roll
An updated blog roll with author’s picture and a description as a tooltip. Read this article to know how I created this element.

You can create a favicon of your blogger blog or any platform you use. Read this article: Add a Favicon in your blog
Removing the blogger navigation bar
You can remove the blogger navigation bar from blogger templates to make your blog look professional. Read this article: Removing the blogger navigation bar from a template

Social buttons on your articles
If you want to add delicious, stumble, digg buttons in your articles, check the tutorial page of Antonio’s woork blog.

I hope you will find them useful and please stumble and delicious it before you go. Please do ask me a question if you faced any trouble using them.


Earn money online to search, shopping and to complete offers

Online money making is the coolest thing you can do from home and why not convert your daily internet activities into cash? There are lots of websites and services out there which pays for your efforts online and you don’t need a website/ blog to earn money online.

Get paid to search with Scour

Scour is a cool website that pays you to search the internet using their search engine. It’s a combination of google, yahoo and bing search engine and it’s what you do everyday, why not get paid to search? They will give you points to search, vote and contribute; you can then exchange the points for $25, $50 or $100 Visa gift cards. I had wrote a post about scour before and today I found this post about getting paid from scour which made me inspire to buzz it again.

See Tori getting her scour gift card, NOT A SCAM - Proof of Payment

Get paid to search and telling your friends from SwagBucks

SwagBucks is a website A NETWORK that allows you to search, shop, completing offers or referring your friends for money. Use this service to search sing google and ask. The more you search, you will get points each month which you can redeem for gift cards, shopping cards and stuffs.

Earn money online with swagbucks

SwagBucks gives you points for each search and you can collect those points for amazon gift cards and even paypal cash cards. There are 200+ vendors to shop from SwagBucks.

Paid to survey, deals, paid to click (PTC) with MyPoints

earn money, rebates and deals with mypoints

MyPoints is a cool network where you can search for cool deals, offers, coupons to buy goodies and get points. You get surveys and can earn free points. You can redeem cool gift cards from iTunes, Amazon and many more marchants available. This is huge site for shopping online and get rebates.


10 Things you can do for your blog, when you are away from your pc -using just a phone

Blogging is just like a virus when you are getting addicted in it. You have to keep in touch with your blog and your online network. It’s easy to do it with a laptop when you are away but what if you only have your phone? To do this you will need an internet enabled mobile phone with some nice data plans. Here are the things you can do with your mobile phone for your blog,

1. Check emails, send emails: You can use your phone to check emails and send replies. It’s easy to login to your email account with your phone for checking emails. You will know about important things to do and re-organize your schedule.

2. Read and moderate blog comments: Some of the comments systems like Disqus will send you emails when you will get a comment on your blog. You can see the comment, approve it, reply to it or even delete it. This will help you to keep the freshness of a comment discussion.

3. Micro blogging: Sites like twitter and plurk are great solutions to share information and status among your network. Micro blogging is the fast and easy way for fun, network and profit. You can download some applications in your phone to access the account or you can even use the text message service to update your status.

4. Social networking: You can use social networking sites with your mobile phone too. This will help you to keep in touch with your network. Most of the popular networks like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube or even Digg have their mobile sites.

5. Read RSS feeds: You can read your favorite blogs in your mobile phone. Google reader and other readers like Bloglines has mobile versions where you can read RSS feeds. Reading from a mobile device may be much tougher because you have to scroll a lot, so you can quickly check the headlines of those blogs.

6. Post images & videos from your phone: Some of the new features of different blogging platform is to post directly from your mobile phone. Shoot an image and send it to your blog and your readers will be able to see it. Blogger platform allows you to post images to your blog from your phone.

7. Check traffic status: It would be hard for you to check your blog traffic status from Google analytics with your mobile because you will need flash player. So sign up for other simple traffic status sites like SiteMeter. You can easily see your traffic stats from your mobile. You will know how much traffic you are getting to your blog.

8. Chat with your phone: It’s possible to chat with your friends with your mobile phone. You can use SMS, yahoo messenger or even any other third party chat application. Use chat to connect with your friends in real time.

9. Generate ideas for your blog: Use your mobile phone as your notepad. Write down all of the ideas, keywords and every topic you wish to blog. Use the voice recorder to record ideas or even use the video recorder.

10. Browse your blog: See your blog from your cell phone and get the experience. If it’s not looking nice, then make a mobile version of your blog. This way you will open up another way to explore your blog.

11. Bonus: And do you know, you can also call your friends and connect with them? Don’t forget that mobile phones are for call, so use that for your blog too!

12. Add another tip: What is your experience with mobile communications? Tell me some of your own opinion about using the mobile phone for your blog.

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An Overview of Mofuse Premium [Video]

Mofuse premium overview

This is my first video post and I’m so much excited to present it. I discussed a few aspects from the Mofuse Premium service, as they are offering an outstanding service which helps you to mobilize your website/ blog. The making was extremely hard and I was doing mistakes in every take.. the director Hac Himel did a great job with the video and he kept motivating me for doing it better.

So enjoy this video post and leave a feedback on what do you think about it.