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Online side projects to support your income in the long run

When I first started to blog and reading money making blogs, one thing I learned from many blogs that, “You should put your eggs on different baskets!” -this means if you want to earn money online, you have to look for different streams of income so that if one fails, the other can support you. This doesn’t only apply for blog monetization; you can use the same idea for your online business too. I’m telling you to create side business projects and let them grow. Those side projects will benefit you in the long term.

Why side projects?

The simplest answer is, “I want more income!” -but you can’t run all of the projects at a time alone; you have to focus on your primary website and then you have to spend some time on your other things. This will also help you mentally as you are working on something different and building another income stream.


Here are some of the online projects you can work on,

1. Blogs & websites:

These are the simple form of online projects. You run a blog, create another blog or website. You can create another website on different topic you like. If you are a blogger, then create a website for a change. If you’re a webmaster, then start a blog.

2. Online services:

If you know some coding and programming, then create a web based service or an application. You can see lots of service based websites on the internet like URL shortening services, color picker or anything simple. You can also create website to store online data and share files etc.

3. Offline services:

Like teaching people how to play guitar, tutoring, lawn cleaning, party organizer or anything you can do offline. Use the site to promote your service.

4. Domain reseller:

You can sign up for a domain & hosting reseller account and can sell domains. In this age everyday thousands of blogs are being created, lots of websites start their journey and they need a nice domain name. Be a reseller and start selling domains.

5. Domain flipper:

It’s like buying a property, making it nice & attractive and selling it in a higher price. You can be a dominer with low investments (domains are as low as $10) create a site, keep the domain for a long time and sell it.

6. Web designer:

If you know how to create a website and have some creativity, then you must give a shot for it. You can earn some extra money by creating and designing websites for others.

7. Blog makeovers:

Many people don’t know how to customize their blogs because of the lack of some technical knowledge. Most people are not so creative but they wish for a better looking blog. You can be a blog customizer and can earn money by doing blog makeovers.

8. Freelance writing:

As a blogger, you have some great writing talent. You can sell some of your writings for other people/ blogs. There are many people online who need freelance writers for their websites. Search for those jobs and earn some money writing.

9. Social networks:

You can also create your own social network and earn money. Search for some free social network scripts and create your very own social network. There are other platforms available where you can create your own social network like

10. Forums:

Lots of webmasters are now looking forward to create profitable forums. It’s a place where people can discuss on different things. Use the power of influence and create a forum for profit.

Have your say

  • Do you think running some side projects are better for the long run?
  • Does your revenue stream fully depend on your main website?
  • What do you think about this?


How to Install Disqus Comments on WordPress, Blogger & Tumblr Blog

Disqus Comments

In this step by step guided tutorial you will learn how to install disqus comments system on your wordpress, blogger or tumblr blog.

You all know that discussions and comments make a blog sticky!

If you browse through different big blogs, they have a huge number of readers and those blogs get lots of comments on their posts. Some of them are old and got 100-300 or even 1000 comments. As a new reader to that blog, you will be impressed with that number and that’s the true attraction of blogging.

It may take 10 minutes to read an article but that person will spend hours on your blog to read what everyone is saying about your thoughts and this will inspire him to comment too. Now you are feeling the importance of your blog comments.

Why do you need a custom comment solution?

Simply because default comment platforms suck!

The comment sections of blogger & wordpress are out dated and ugly. You have to fill up your name, email and website url to comment. In the social web people don’t have time to do these things. They need a fast solution to comment on your blog.

In tumblr you don’t even have comments!

Lots of the people in the internet are lazy and they don’t want to comment on blogger blogs. You can easily change your comments system with a wordpress like comments system. This cool commenting tool is called Disqus.

What is Disqus?

Disqus is a third party comments system that can be integrated with your blog. It’s super social media friendly, meaning that people who are logged into facebook, twitter or yahoo can use their identity to comment on your blog. It is much less cluttery and spam free.

Disqus is in the business for a long time so I tried out this system on my blogs.

disqus comments intro

Go to and click on “Get this on your site” button,

get disqus on your blog

Now add your website details like website url, username, website shortname, email and password to start,

register your site on disqus

Next you have to select your blog platform. My my, disqus covers almost every blog and website platform on the internet. I am impressed! Select your blog platform. By the way you know your blog platform do you? -just kidding!

disqus on every platform

Install disqus comments on self hosted wordpress platform

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Log in to your wordpress admin and click on plugins > add new,

Search for the official “Disqus comment system” and you should find it on the top. Click install now.

install disqus on wordpress

After installing, activate the plugin and you should now see a message on top to configure disqus,

confiqure disqus message

You can also access this page by selecting disqus from comments,

disqus options in wordpress

Now from the options, please use your disqus username and password (you choose on the first step) to login, and click next:

disqus username in wordpress plugin

Now select your blog from this window and click next,

select a website from disqus options

You are done! If you check your wordpress blog you will see the new disqus comments on the posts,

see disqus on your wordpress blog

You are starting from zero, so if you want to get your old blog comments with disqus, then click on this button,

export comments

Click the export comments from this option,

disqus comments import

And wait a few seconds,

processing disqus

completed the process

Rest assure, it will take few hours to see your old comments on your wordpress blog.

Install the disqus comments on blogger (blogspot) blog

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Go to dashboard and select your blog. Now go to Settings > Posts and Comments

Now set who can comment to “Anyone”

install disqus in blogger set comment option to anyone

Now go to disqus install comments screen and select blogger,

select blogger from disqus

Now click on this button,

add disqus to blogger

And now from this oauth screen select your blog and the widget name, click “add widget”

add disqus comments to the blogger blog

Now you will see that blogger has added disqus as a widget on the layout. Now drag this widget to the bottom of post area,

drag the disqus element here down in blogger layout

Now click on “Save arrangement” from top right corner of the screen,

save arrangements in blogger layout

You are done! See your new disqus comment live on your blogger blog,

disqus comments on blogger

Install disqus comments on Tumblr blog platform

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Tumblr is a cool blogging platform but it has no built in commenting system. And good for you, installing disqus on tumblr is the easiest thing ever! Just go to your blog’s customization page, click here,

Now on the bottom area where it says disqus shortname, type your disqus shortname (we set this on the first step)

disqus on tumblr

That’s it! You are done, see your tumblr blog with the new disqus comments,

disqus comments on tumblr

With disqus,

  • You can get email updates when there is a new comment
  • You can have your own profile and comment on other blogs with it
  • Set different options, set who can comment, moderate comments
  • Have your blog’s community on,
  • They will stop spam comments

Set up Disqus on your blog and see the difference.

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Why Your Blog Failed to Impress That Last Visitor?

blog failed to impress the readerYour blog is your store, your club, your seminar hall or could be your camp where people come. There are some people who come to your site regularly and some who just came for the first time. The visitors to your site are the results of your hard work. The time you put for social bookmarking, guest writing, forum using and for posting great comments on other blogs resulted some visitors coming to your blog.

So what happens if they just go away from the first page of your blog and didn’t come again? These people could become something more if they just stay on your blog for longer,

  1. They could have been your regular RSS subscriber
  2. They could have been purchased from you and make you profit
  3. They could have been promoters of your blog
  4. They could have been your friends and keep in touch
  5. They could have been a business owner with opportunity
  6. They could have been a journalist and could feature you in media
  7. They could have been blog owners
  8. They could turn out being your greatest supporters

Here are some quick reasons why your blog failed to impress that last visitor,

1. Bad Landing Page

The visitor came to a page where there is a weak post or a paid review. Make sure you put the best article’s URL when you comment on a blog post, so the reader will be impressed.

2. Slow Page Load

Have lots of things in the sidebar and takes longer to load. Blog speed is a big issue and it can make or break your website. Read this posts and speeding up your site.

3. No Author Information

A new visitor will look for the author information before even reading from you. Make a good ‘About me’ page and let your reader know you. My friend Daniel has created his blog without an ‘About’ page but he replaced it with author information in the top(Much better!)

4. Bad Navigation Structure

Your reader will get bored in seconds when he will see that there is no way to get back to the home page, he cannot find the things he is looking for. Create a nice navigation structure in your blog which will help your readers.

5. Bad Design

The blog design is common or is filled with unnecessary things. You can find great looking blog templates for free on the internet. Select a nice and simple looking theme. Make your blog brighter. If you use black or darker background, your readers will go away.

6. No Blog Description

Your blog must have a little description in the top or in the sidebar which tells what your blog is about. If it says it’s about ‘blogging’, they will know that this blog is about blogging and they will stay on your blog if they are interested in the topic.

7. No Way to Interact

Most of the tech savvy people and especially bloggers, like to leave a response in a blog or want to connect with the author. If the blog has no way to interact like comments, chat, email or anything, I don’t think there is a reason why your readers will stay on your blog.

8. Spelling errors and bad writing

This happens when you just write and hit publish. There may be error and wrong information in your article. The way I do this: when I finish an article, I keep it as a text document. Then I check it again after few hours and use a word processor to check those grammar and spelling mistakes. This way I can make an article more perfect and can add more new ideas.

9. Mobile visitors

People will browse your blog with their mobile phones. There’s a big chance that they will go away from your mobile incompatible blog, so it is better to create a mobile version of your blog and keep that link in the top of the page. Read this blog on making a mobile friendly site with an app.

10. Lack of Consistency

You must keep your blog article and topics consistent. If a visitor lands on a post that is related to cars, the next thing that will turn them off is a post about cats. So keep your blog relevant.

And yes there is something which you can’t change,

  1. Most of the people coming from social media sites like digg, reddit, stumble upon, don’t like to stay longer in a site. They may not come again even if he liked your article.
  2. There are low visitor numbers in most of the niche in weekends(Saturday and Sundays) -so you will get bad response in that time.
  3. Most people will ignore your older articles when they will see it’s been written 1-2 years ago. So you can keep them fresh by removing the date stamp of those posts.
  4. RSS subscriber count is a major factor to impress a visitor. If it’s low, remove it. Add your counter when it’s higher enough or use someone else’s counter for few days.
  5. At the very end it’s up to your reader’s mind and mood, if he wants to read from you or not. So there’s nothing you can do about it.


The next generation affiliate network -Pepperjam

Pepperjam network is the next generation affiliate network from Inc 500. They’re new in the market but they got extremely popular with their fresh concept, the network of affiliate market. It’s a better way of making money with your blog/ website if you are looking for some great affiliates.

Actually it’s not an ad company; they provide a marketplace where affiliates and advertisers can meet. After signing up for your free account, you can select Affiliate Programs of your choice. There are so many affiliates on this network to choose from. From tech to computers, books, music, furnishers, no matter what product and what company you want to work with.

Most of the big companies and brands are now signing up with pepperjam network to sell their goods with the network. You can also sign up as an advertiser to sell your stuff.

Each affiliate and the commission system is different. Some are pay per click, some are pay per action and some could be a flat rate system. Once you sign up, they will keep you updated with latest offers via email(and you can also turn it off!)

Every affiliate will get $10 sign up bonus which will be paid to you once you got your first payment. Go and sign up:


Some useful ways to backup your blogger, wordpress and self hosted blog

What if one day you turn on your pc, open the browser, type in the blog address and see an error message saying your blog is deleted, removed or file corrupted? You will feel extremely sad and you have nothing to do about it. If you’re on a free blog platform like blogger or, then it’s obvious that anytime your blog could be deleted. All of the articles, comments, widgets and backlinks will be gone.

Don’t relax if you own a paid hosting plan for your blog. Disasters, server crash or virus can make your blog and all files useless and your host even can’t do anything about it. So the best option for us is to regularly backup our blogs. Here are some of the tips to backup your blog,

Blogger blog

The latest edition of blogger blogs has an import, export feature. Just go to your blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basic.

Click on “Export” on the top and click “Download” to save your blog post and comments on your hard drive.

This is your blogger blog in XML format. Keep it in a safe place.If your blog is accidently deleted, don’t worry. Create a new blog and with the same process, click “Import” and choose the XML file from your hard drive. Check “Automatically publish all imported posts” to publish all posts and comments automatically and click “Import blog” -you have your blog again. (free) blog

Go to your wordpress Dashboard and select “Export” from the “Tools” menu (the lower left side of the window) Download the XML file in your hard drive.There’s an extra option where you can set permissions. If you select your name, then only your account can use this file(not recommended!)At the same way you can “Import” your blog to another blog. Now the fun is, both blogger and offers XML backup files which mean you can use the backup in both platforms.

Self hosted blog

Most of the web hosting service provides an automatic backup for you. You can also use those options to backup your blog and save it on your hard drive. You can also manually download your files with the help of an FTP client. After that you also have to go to your “PHP my admin” database and “Export” your blog database in your computer.

Please remember that self hosted blogs requires both all of the files from the root server and the database to work properly. You can read my friend, Javier’s helpul guide on backing up and restoring a self hosted wordpress blog.

Other ways of blog backup

  • The best way for backup is to save the raw copy of your posts on your computer in notepad or wordpad file.
  • You can use this online blog backup service for regular automated backups
  • Another smart way for backup is to subscribe to your blog via email. All of your posts will be delivered to your inbox regularly and even if your blog is deleted, you will still have the posts.
  • Creating the same blog in another account could be a better backup but make sure no one else without you and even the search engines can’t access it to avoid duplicate content.
  • WordPress database backup plugin for self hosted wordpress blogs

What if I accidently delete some of my posts?

One week ago @Trulyana tweeted for help that she accidently lost her blog post. I tried my best to help her recover that post and at the end she got it back.Now lets see what we can do for lost/ deleted posts? If you have it on your pc, or in the drafts folder of your blog then you’re saved. Just re-publish it again. If you don’t have any backups then you have to search your blog’s RSS feed for that post. RSS feeds take time to update with the new result so you might get it back from there. If it’s not in the feed then the last hope is your email subscribers. Contact your email readers about it and get it back from them.

How often should I backup my blog?

If you post daily, then backup your blog once a week. You can also choose to backup every two weeks or every month.