Month: July 2008

How to Start a Blog Using Blogger (BlogSpot)

Blogger is my no 1 choice for beginners. Blogger/ blogspot is a free blogging platform which has many features. Blogger is easy and reliable. In the beginning, it was blogspot and then Google bought it and named it as blogger. Because it is owned and managed by Google, there are many services which can be used from blogger and its reliable. The main features of blogger are,

  • Hosted in Google’s server and there is no limitation of bandwidth
  • There is no limitation of storage
  • You can add adsense easily
  • 1 GB photo storage using Picasa
  • Unlimited video storage using YouTube
  • Easy to understand
  • Blogger allows you to use your own paid domain
  • Its free

I would recommend you to use blogger service and this is the service I’m using to host my blogs. (Till 2008) [Continue reading…]


“A” for Articles, not Adsense in blogging

Are you interested to start a blog just because you want to have some income online? I’m afraid you’ll fail or you’ll turn into a spammer. Most people who gets interested in blogging from the beginning, what they do is to setup a blog from blogger (blogspot) and sign up for a google adsense account. It’s okay to put some ads here and there and start your income just from the beginning but what about content?

I see lot’s of new blogs everyday with a bunch of adsense here and there but with no regular updates. When they realize that traffic is the key, then they start to spam blogs and forums and even ask for click on those ads. But you should always remember that only fresh articles will attract more readers coming to your blog again and again.

"A" for Articles, not Adsense in blogging

Articles are the root of your blog

Original articles will make others to read, share and come back later. The more often you create a new blog post, the more often they will come. This will also invite search engine robots to come again and you’ll *develop a better page rank.

More ad doesn’t means more income

You should know this fact. Adding more ads will make the pay per click rate for each ad will be decreased. It’s not about the number of ads, it’s all about the positioning, colors and traffic.

Don’t put adsense in empty pages

Adding the ad code in an empty page will show up irrelevant ads. If you create a blog with no content, then you should not promote it. Write at least 10 nice articles before you officially start to promote it.

Traffic alternatives

Search engine traffic takes some time to develop. On the other hand, the more articles you’ll have, the more traffic you’ll get from them. Before depending on that source, try to build some other ways of traffic like Social bookmarking, but don’t ever think of traffic exchange, banner or link exchange sites.

Have patience

Yes I’m making money online but I didn’t receive my first payment just after starting my blog. You have to put regular effort on your blog and don’t expect to get a big money overnight. Have patience and it will come with a great result. As a result I didn’t pay a single cent from my own pocket for my blogs. The domains, hosting, ads, projects, internet cost, PC maintenance, everything I paid with the money which I earned from blogging.


Setting Up a Feedburner Account For Your Blog RSS is an RSS system and I think its not an account, its a very important enhanchment to your blog and it will play major parts in your blog’s success. But before I get to that, lets find out what is RSS?

What is RSS?

what is an RSS feedRSS means Really Simple Syndication. This is a simple way to read blogs/ websites fast and effectively. RSS feeds are copy of the whole blog content but in the RSS page, there would be no extra things that you have in your blog like ads, widgets, links and other things. Your blog’s RSS page is a simple and clean page to give your readers the ease to read articles.

Your readers can subscribe to your RSS feeds and read the blog without even visiting your blog. This is a special service to the readers and this way you could transform your visitors into daily readers. [Continue reading…]


Introducing to Alexa web ranks and how to get better ranks

Alexa is a web information company managed by the worlds leading shopping site, Its a search engine and they are famous for their ranking system. I have told you before that why the search rankings are important for websites, specially for blogs.

Alexa is a special search engine and they give ranking to each site according to the amount of traffic they are getting to their sites and how many backlinks are pointing to them.
Go to and fill out your full web address and click search. You will see your alexa rank which could be a long number of digits. If your web site/ blog is very much new, you will see ‘No data.’ You can see the alexa rank of BlogKori and its not good because its a new site.
The better you get alexa rank, this number will decrease. You can see some of the important status here on alexa like the % of world internet users you have reached, how many people come to your site from which countries, and the individual ranks of your site in different countries.

When your site will entre into the top 100,000; you will be able to see the traffic graph of your website. Here is the traffic graph of
Now may be you are thinking how to get better alexa rankings, its natural because every score counts in blogging. The way to get better rankings in any search engine is to take your time to make your blog grow, build natural backlinks to your site, write new and original and quality articles in your blog and thats it.

The first target for alexa would be to make your blog into the top 1,000,000. When I first started to blog, it took me 3 months to get in the top 1,000,000. I’m telling you what to do to get even more better rankings,

Install the alexa toolbar
Go to alexa toolbar downloads and download the toolbar. You can use this toolbar to check the ranks of other sites while you browse. Now set your blog as your browser’s home page to ensure maximum visits.

You could ask your friends to download the toolbar too and to set your blog as their home page. The more your page is being viewed with the alexa toolbar, the more chances to get higher rankings in alexa. Few days later, you will see the improvement and this will continue.

Add the alexa widget
Go to alexa widgets and fill out your blog address. And click ‘Build widget.’ Now choose which size you like and add the widget code into your blog sidebar.
In this way people who will visit your and they will see your ranks. This will link back to and this will help you to get better rankings.
Be patient because it takes time to get better rankings. All of the rankings will depend on your overall blog score and that is, a better quality blog.


How to Setup a Custom Domain/ Address in Blogger(blogspot)?

How to Setup a Custom Domain/ Address in Blogger(blogspot)?If you are serious about blogging, then you have to own your domain. If your blog address have a prefix like,, or then it wont look professional. You have to tell a long address to your friends so that they won’t remember it.

The reality is that most of the people online don’t take blogs with a subdomain seriously. Owning your domain makes the address shorter and easy to brand your blog. You could replace blogs or service under that address and you could sell the domain in the future.

I started blogging under a subdomain to try out blogging, when I got serious about it, I transformed it into a real Dot Com domain. If you are using a free service like blogger, making publicity of your sub domain will only increase the authority of them because you don’t own that domain. If any how blogger deletes your blog, all of the readers will be not able to find your blog. So that’s a huge risk.

So it is better to move your blogger blog to your own domain as soon as you can. Blogger gives this chance and you don’t have to buy hostine, blogger will host your blog forever. [Continue reading…]